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Friday, April 12, 2024

Counterpart Ventures leads $4M funding raised by Upflowy to optimize web experiences

Upflowy has secured $4M to optimize web experiences with its no-code solution. Counterpart Ventures led the Sydney-based startup’s latest funding.

Consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns have been altered by the Covid-19 pandemic; data-driven decision-making is increasingly more critical to ensure that companies’ products or services truly benefit people in times of uncertainty.

According to Guillaume Ang, CEO of Australian startup Upflowy, demand for SaaS tools that enable online transactions has skyrocketed during Covid-19.

Upflowy believes that it has the capabilities to assist organisations in generating high-performing user flow. The Sydney-based firm, which just raised $4 million, has created a platform that provides drag-and-drop tools for A/B testing and personalisation on web and mobile apps, and the best thing would be that businesses don’t need to know any coding to use it.

Counterpart Ventures led the current round of fundraising, which was joined by returning investors Tidal, Global Founders Capital, Black Nova, and Antler.

Getting visitors to sign up for sales on a website or app takes a substantial amount of effort and money, and as a result, many firms struggle to do so, according to Ang.

Upflowy was formed in 2020 by Ang and two other co-founders, Matthew Browne and Alexandre Girard, to assist entrepreneurs and marketers, particularly startups, in increasing conversion rates and user flows.

According to the startup, for far too long, businesses have relied on development or engineering teams who are preoccupied with enhancing products and don’t have time to support marketing efforts.

The business will use a large portion of the new funding to improve its platform capabilities by exploiting data science areas such as predictive personalisation and developing new features.

It also intends to support the team by expanding its workforce to more than 30 full-time personnel.

“After seeing low-engagement forms lead to as much as a 60% decline in conversion, turning into a massive loss of advertising expenditure,” Ang added, “a huge boost opportunity for businesses revealed itself.”

This is just the beginning. It is critical to convert leads into sales by more efficiently qualifying them to the proper product and personalising the sales approach.

Upflowy’s data visualisation and A/B testing interface make it easier to comprehend their customers’ drop-off and behaviour, paving the door for experimentation and growth.

Hundreds of organisations currently utilise Upflowy, according to Ang, who said that it has clients ranging from B2B tech, SaaS, and healthcare to B2C enterprises such as fashion brands and a national sports team.

According to Ang, with the recent increases in weekly user growth, the firm has also experienced a 40% increase in activation rates and its monthly user base has doubled.


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