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Couple-preneur: Divesh Bathija & Raashi Bathija- Founders of UnMath School

For entrepreneurs who are also life partners, running a business together demands unquestionable support and trust. Having someone who understands your work ethic and financial goals, while supporting and guiding you throughout, requires a tremendous amount of passion and commitment, and if “that someone” is your business partner and life partner, you know you are already on the path to success, sense of achievement, and contentment, while striking a balance at work and at home.

Introducing Mr Divesh Bathija and Mrs Raashi Bathija, the founders of UnMath School- a brand that teaches and thinks of math as a subject beyond textbooks.

Divesh met  his wife Raashi, for the very first time in college in a math class. While Raashi expressed her dislike for the subject, Divesh spoke passionately about how captivating and in love he was with math. Strikingly, this couple rejected the entire notion of how “difference” can be a red flag in a relationship and chose to bring together their own unique perspectives. They collaborated on something that flawlessly combined both of their strengths, and that is just how, over time, with numerous discussions and research, UnMath School was launched in 2012.

“We share the same zeal to develop an innovative method of learning a mundane subject and to see the brand thrive. Divesh is a math guy, and I am more involved with the business scale, which provides the perfect blend for us to accomplish productivity as well as profitability, while also heartening children to fall in love with math.” Says Raashi Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School.

While Raashi aimed to make math more likeable, Divesh intended to make it more experience-based. Over the last 10 years, with one goal of activating the fun element in learning the subject, this couple has brilliantly executed their results in students willing to learn Math and create multiple experiences around it

Divesh Bathija is a Math Story teller at UnMath School, and Raashi Bathija is the growth catalyst. Divesh has worked as a financial expert for well-known companies such as Kotak and Cushman & Wakefield, as well as a visiting faculty member for a few prestigious colleges. His vision of experience based math curriculum initiatives has been incorporated in over 250 schools across India, Nepal, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Sri Lanka over the last ten years, having trained over 50,000 students and mentoring over 10,000 teachers.

A tenacious businesswoman and entrepreneur with exemplary research skills, Raashi Bathija- who was also named one of the top 10 start-up founders in the country in 2022, earned a master’s degree in Business Finance and Investment studies from KC College in Mumbai, bringing her intellect and expert knowledge to UnMath School, spurring it to new levels of excellence.

“I absolutely love that we share the same aspirations for moving UnMath School forward and running it in this space. As a married couple, we understand each other both emotionally and mentally, which is extremely valuable. Whether it’s deciding on our UnMath Programs or planning a work vacation, I can proudly say that we always have each other’s backs and unquestionably help each other grow in all facets of life, which makes the entire workflow more pleasant and comfortable, both for us and our team.” Says Divesh Bathija- co-founder of UnMath School.

By putting their hearts and minds into the business and for each other, this couple is brilliantly constructing a creative Math space and a lot of Math-based experiences in our education system.

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