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Dad Puts Up WhatsApp Status As Daughter Forgets To Order Fruits, Swiggy Reacts

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Desi dad puts up a dramatic status on WhatsApp after his daughter forgets to order fruits, Swiggy comes up with an epic reply

Parents emotionally blackmail their kids sometimes or even more dramatically, they put up emotional texts on their social media status or story to express their emotions and make their children realize how hurt they are with their antics.

Nevertheless, sometimes these incidents give netizens a fodder and reason to laugh, just like this Twitter user @hajarkagalwa who forgot to order fruits from Instamart after which her father shared a dramatic text on his WhatsApp status that read, “Duniya se kya shikayat kare janaab, hamari toh apni aulad hi hamara sath nahi deti” (What should we complain to the world when our own child doesn’t support us).

Here is the screenshot:

Sharing the whole incident on Twitter, the girl wrote, “Dad asked me to order fruits from Instamart and I forgot. This is his WhatsApp status now”.

Swiggy too jumped into action and shared a meme from Akshay Kumar & Katrina Kaif starrer “Welcome” with the text “Seh lenge thoda sa” written on it.

Swiggy Instamart also responds with, “Sending you badam so you don’t forget next time 😡”

In another tweet, Swiggy shared a dramatic message which means “We should forgive others as early as we want the God to forgive us.”

Here is the message:


The caption of the tweet is, “It’s time to order the fruits and put this as your WhatsApp status 🤭”

Well, that was a nice banter and we hope the girl would never forget anything her father would ask for after this incident. What do you say?

Nitin Bhatnagar
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