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Dangal Star Zaira Wasim Mourns the Loss of Her Father, Zahid Wasim

The shocking news of her father’s passing was passed on by Zaira Wasim, well known for her performance in Aamir Khan’s critically acclaimed movie Dangal. On May 28, Zahid Wasim went unexpectedly, leaving his loved ones in a state of profound sadness. Zaira told her fans of the news on Instagram on Tuesday. She shared her loss and asked for prayers for her father, who passed away, in an emotional statement that she shared on her Instagram account. “Truly, the heart aches and the eyes weep, but we will say only what pleases our Lord,” the writer stated. Zahid Wasim, my father, passed away.

Please keep him in mind as you pray, and ask Allah forgiving his mistakes, provide him peace at his burial place, protect him from its pain, and facilitate his future journey. May the highest degree of Jannah and Maghrirah be bestowed upon him, and may he be called to an easy accounting. We do, in fact, belong to Allah, and we will return to Him.

Zaira posted a longer message on her Instagram feed in addition to the Instagram story, in which she expressed her deep sense of grief and reminisced about her father. Her admirers and followers were moved by the post and responded with support and condolences during this trying time.

After giving up acting a few years ago, Zaira is still quite active on social media, where she engages with her followers by sharing glimpses into her daily life. Fans, friends, and industry colleagues have showered her with love and prayers following her post about her father’s passing.

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