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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Data security startup Seclore gets $27M to fast track its growth worldwide

Seclore has raised $27 million in Series C round of funding. The data security startup would use the money to fast track its growth worldwide.

Data security firm Seclore has announced it has raised $27 million in a Series C funding round led by Chicago’s Origami Capital Partners and Oquirrh Ventures of Salt Lake City. The latest investment round takes the total amount raised to $46 million. The funds would be utilized to expedite the company’s global expansion.

Ron Heinz, Founder and Managing Partner of Oquirrh Ventures, said, “As we consider the future of global cybersecurity, our investment thesis supports the rapidly growing data-centric-security industry. We looked at the team, technology stack, and total addressable market and rapidly recognized Seclore as the global market leader in data-centric security.”

Julie Klaff, Origami Partner, added, “We are very thrilled to be collaborating with Seclore CEO Vishal Gupta and the amazing team he has established. It’s an exciting moment to be a part of Seclore’s growth as they establish themselves as the world’s thought leader in the increasingly essential function of securing enterprise sensitive information.”

The quickly changing employment environment exposes data to a rising danger of breach, encouraging many organizations to follow the trend of engaging data security firms.

Seclore has built a leadership position in the data-centric security field, with large government and defense organizations as customers, as well as more than 500 multinational corporations such as American Express, Applied Materials, ADM, Saudi Telecom, and ICICI group.

To solve the inherent constraints in diverse data protection point solutions, the firm’s procedures enable organizations to integrate best-of-breed data-centric security solutions with existing business systems.

According to Seclore CEO Vishal Gupta, confidential data is everywhere and in transit, so organizations cannot afford to ‘follow’ this data through its lifecycle.

He added, “Seclore’s data-centric strategy is intended to redirect enterprises’ attention away from infrastructure and onto what really matters — data. This investment strengthens our ability to secure the contemporary workplace while also providing organizations with a reliable partner for data security, governance, and compliance.”


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