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Anand Mahindra offers Bolero to blacksmith Dattatraya Lohar who built vehicle with abandoned parts

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A Maharashtrian blacksmith has used abandoned parts to build a vehicle. Anand Mahindra is offering a Bolero to Dattatraya Lohar for his innovative creation.

Smart inventions have frequently piqued Anand Mahindra’s interest. The attention of the Mahindra Group chairman has now been attracted by a blacksmith from Maharashtra and a four-wheeler he has built out of scrap metal.

According to the YouTube channel Historicano, Dattatraya Lohar built the car despite having minimal schooling in order to grant his son’s wish. Anand Mahindra was amazed by this innovative design, and he quickly shared it on his official Twitter account. He captioned the video, “This plainly does not fit any of the requirements, but I will never stop to respect our people’s innovation and’more with less’ talents.” And their love of mobility—not to mention the recognisable front grille.

Dattatraya Lohar, a blacksmith from Maharashtra’s Devrashtre village, is shown in a 45-second video demonstrating how the vehicle works.

The vehicle was built for less than 60,000 dollars. It uses a kick-start mechanism that is only found on two-wheelers. It is a left-hand drive vehicle constructed from salvaged and abandoned car parts.

In another tweet, Anand Mahindra stated that because the car does not meet the requirements, the local authorities will prohibit it from operating on public roads. The Mahindra Group Chairman would personally present Dattatraya Lohar a Bolero as a reward for his ingenious design. And his innovative creation will be displayed as an inspiration to others at Mahindra Research Valley.

He says, “Local officials,will eventually ban Dattatraya Lohar from driving the vehicle the car because it violates regulations. In exchange, I’ll personally offer him a Bolero. Because’resourcefulness’ means accomplishing more with fewer resources, his innovative creation might be shown at MahindraResearchValley to inspire us.”

The video has gone viral, with many people praising Lohar’s inventive design, and Anand Mahindra’s tweet has garnered over 14,000 likes, over 1300 retweets, and a slew of comments.

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