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Daughter’s hair loss led 85-YO couple to launch Avimee Herbal hair oil

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Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary of Surat, Gujarat, have introduced a hair oil infused with 50 botanicals. The launch of Avimee Herbal was motivated by their daughter’s hair loss.

It is never too late to begin a new endeavor. Age, as they say, is only a number. If you have the tenacity to pursue your passion, you will be successful in the end.

Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary, two elderly retired couples from Surat, Gujarat, became business partners. With the expansion of Avimee Herbal, the tribe has expanded to include additional entrepreneurs who have emerged post-retirement.

The daughter’s hair fall motivated a retired couple to start Avimee Herbal, a hair oil made with 50 herbs. People have fostered a community where their product helps with balding, hair fall, and other concerns at an age when they should be celebrating and relaxing.

It all started when Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary’s daughter, now an Avimee Herbal company partner, complained about significant hair loss and damage. The old couple, horrified to see their daughter in misery, jumped into the topic and studied it for about a year. They produced a hair oil after the course that decreased hair fall and enhanced the texture of their daughter’s hair. The 85-year-old couple had no choice but to create Avimee Herbal. The pair founded the company with the intention of providing toxic-free hair oil to address the issues that many city dwellers encounter. Home remedies created from natural and ayurvedic materials are found in nearly every household and, when applied consistently, work wonders on skin and hair.

The 85-year-old couple’s Anime Herbal has provided many individuals with the ideal answer for a fantastic hair day.

Avimee Herbal guarantees that quality will never be compromised.

Avimee Herbal is chemical-free and created from the purest ingredients. It is manufactured from herbs and ayurvedic ingredients that promote hair development, reduce hair fall, and strengthen hair.

Radhakrishna and Shakuntala’s daughter began complaining about significant hair loss in 2021. Unlike many other parents who might advise their children to use a certain brand of oil or to improve their diet, Radhakrishna went one step farther. He began investigating the reasons of hair loss and would spend hours researching each possibility. He was overwhelmed with treatments, masks, and lotions after studying and reading through various information, but in the end, he opted to use his skin and manufacture his own oil.

Shakuntala accompanied him in his studies after being impressed by his perseverance in his travels. They were both quickly absorbed in their investigation. They created Amivee Herbal, a hair oil that lowers hair loss and balding trends.

Avimee Herbal hair oil was created using cold-pressed procedures by the team. They don’t use artificial sweeteners and instead have over 50 herbs infused in cold oil, such as sesame, coconut, and olive oil, among others. They also include essential oils in their product.

The elderly couple tested Avimee Herbal on themselves for three months before launching it. The discovery was astounding. For a better production, the hand oil was thereafter given to close friends and family.

Both Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary prioritize quality. They do not skimp on quality and offer superb hair products.

Avimee Herbal has acquired popularity for its real, herbal, and raw hair oil. The start-up has acquired traction and attention, and it is poised to answer people’s problems with absolute certainty.

Avimee Herbal offers hair oil as well as other basics such as spray and other goods. The startup wants to highlight people’s tastes and interests.

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