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Mindset Guru Prof. Dr. Dinesh Gupta Invented the Concept of Mind Vaccination

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What is mind vaccination?

Post the start of the pandemic there was another pandemic of mental issues like depression and uncertainty about the future worldwide. We certainly have a vaccine for the covid19 but there is not enough awareness about the mental issues. We need to adjust well with this new normal.y Here the mind vaccine enters our picture.

You only need to know about these five chemical inducing words. There are different chemicals in our body and different words result in different chemical secretions. The tendencies  in words affect the chemicals in your body.

Today whatever we see, read, understand, hear or even feel, all have an effect on the body. While studying and experimenting on this topic, Prof. Dr. Dinesh Gupta discovered these five important words to keep the mind positive. It was a sheer accident, he says. Dinesh ji started teaching these five words around six months ago to the people; within his patent  style of  teaching that is with five activities. This started having a positive effect on people’s lives. They confirmed by sharing their experiences of good results. That is how the mind Vaccination was born.

Little bit about the Creator:

Spritual corporate trainer and Mindset Guru Prof. Dr. Dinesh Gupta is a gold medalist mechanical engineer by profession. He is the author of 16 books and two books became the amazon best selling book “Keeping the body negative and the mind positive” and Success Mindset . Dinesh ji has successfully delivered “mind vaccination” to thousands of people in the past 6 months. He is a Limca Record holder from his marathon pencil art session and was recently awarded by the Guinness Book of world records for his participation.

” It only starts with five words,”  he says. Being a multi talented personality he is also the founder of OMG book of records, Agog Energy Food Company and  CEO of Anandshree organisation,l.  He has been featured in The Josh Talks and Tedx Talks.

Why do we all need this?

A lot happened in this lockdown.  The trend of social media has gotten bigger & India is discovering a new identity.  We are all trying to work in these uncertain times amidst pandemic. We have vaccines for the body but what about the mental trauma? mental wellness & mental efficiency has gained a crucial importance with the rise of social and psychological isolation.Just like everyone, even I was blank for the first seven days post lockdown. But the urge to do something new during these seven days was born in my mind, he admits humbly.The words are simple.  But it is very effective. It is very powerful and has the ability to transform human beings.  We learn by programming the mind and the subconscious mind. It gives a new awakened perspective towards life.  We learn Practical theory of faith, vibration and sense of thankfulness.  Prof. Dr. Dinesh Gupta ji gives very thorough and in-depth guidance on these subjects in his workshop.He takes regular online workshops and webinars on many different platforms. He has written many articles in various main newspapers, social media, blogs & magazines of the country.

 -Mission Mind Vaccination

Many colleges, schools, institutions, AICTE departments of the Government of India, universities, government departments, business organizations, YouTube, articles etc. have been given the vaccine of the mind reaching thousands of people.Recently a book on the same subject named “Mana Positive and Body Negative” was also written by Dinesh ji.  Which was placed in the “Best Selling Book” by Amazon. Do listen to the 40-minute session once and prepare your mind for every event.  The biggest thing is that it does not have any side effects.  It takes us from a good mind to a positive one. Dinesh Ji has not copyrighted or patented this mind vaccine.  It is the only intention that it should be used for the good of mankind.Just like covid19 vaccination requires second dose and occasionally booster third dose as per one’s capacity, mind vaccination too requires periodic attention and implementation of principles taught in the seminar. Learning is THE way to succeed !

To know more about the mind vaccine contact us at,  Email: itebdg@gmail.com  

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