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Digital Marwar becomes one of largest social website in Entertainment Category

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Shankar Patel’s local marwari music collection, under the banner of Digital Marwar managed to capture the attention of its target younger audience. With the masala of entertainment collection presented on all social media platform including the online music platform, with the help of social media the Digital Marwar managed to achieve a lots of impressions in just few days.

With social media presence in mind, Digital Marwar strategically selected the social media platforms to create large audience presence online. Shankar Patel, who young artist, who made an appearance to create the real entertainment masala marwari song, allowing Digital Marwar to become one of the most visited website and increasing the local popularity in the marwar region. “This song is our benchmark for how we will deliver as an experience to audience around the Marwari culture as of today,” said Shankar Patel, young artist of Digital Marwar. “I am more than excited to further enter this journey together with the team.”

A part to promote local marwari music included the opportunity for fans to win young hearts. Marwar is gaining increasing traction within social media.
Before and after the launching of song, Digital Marwar’s Social media attention generated a level of engagement that contributed to the eventual popularity of the presentation.

Last month, Shankar Patel presented a Latest marwari song with the entertainment tadka to its audience and promoting its potential in local market for the costumes. Digital Marwar helps to suggests and direct to the local artists and musical persons reflects its new vision for promotion of local marwari music and artists. “We are trying provide that we are more than ready to promote local musical artist, music and entertainment on the ground of Marwar in the future,” said Shankar Patel.


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