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Dimple Pandhi – An artist, designer, and an entrepreneur

Dimple Pandhi is the director of a Home Décor boutique, Dsignz, that offers exclusive and personalized nameplates and other handmade customized products that people love to buy and gift.

Dimple Pandhi received the Women Iconza Award for Signage expert- Founder and Creative Director on 2nd March 2021. She proudly received this prestigious and well-deserved award from Honourable Shri. Vinayak Raut Ji (Member of Parliament) in a glittering ceremony. This award is presented by Marketing Minds X Times Applaud to honour the talented women of our society who have carved a niche for themselves with their exceptional talent and skills. 

“A book is known by its cover”– Similarly; the nameplate showcases the personality of the people living inside. It serves as a very important décor element and reflects the owner’s style and sensibilities. The USP of products and services offered by Dsignz is that they are exclusive and have a distinctly personal character. Painstaking effort goes behind every piece that is crafted, keeping in mind the personality of the customer.

Dimple is sublimely gifted, and this is visible in her unconventional, brilliant and highly original designs. This is because Dimple devotes a lot of time to understanding the customer’s personality, which is then beautifully depicted in her products. The time and energy invested in creating these masterpieces make them stand out wherever they are used.

Dimple graduated in Commercial Arts from the Smt. Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic, Mumbai. She specialized in Typography that includes Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. She was fascinated with different writing styles since her childhood and spent her time scribbling with pencils and pens.

Dimple started her career with a couple of Advertising agencies but soon realized that she had to start her venture.

Having worked and established a chain of design shops, she realized the absence of people offering solutions that understand the customers. Upon speaking with Architects and designers, she found this gap in the industry and decided to do something about it. She focused on understanding the owners’ uniqueness, which helped her make a mark in this industry.

Although many home décor boutiques have come up in Mumbai,’ Dsignz’, being completely online, caters to customers not just in Mumbai but pan India. Her clientele comprises people who have a deep understanding of art and technology and are ready to explore the unknown. Her boutique caters to many celebrities, NRI’s and well known corporate houses in the city. Even the stars of the tinsel town visit her boutique.

Dimple Pandhi, with her artistic skills, uses calligraphy is a platform to create her writing style, which is unique. Dimple designs custom-made nameplates in various styles such as modern, abstract, concept-based, religious etc. These can be hung on the wall or affixed on the doors of the house’s entrance or society, as the need may be.

The customized nameplates are made of different materials like wood, glass, metal, stone and different kind of metal finishes. The beauty of these nameplates is the specially created fonts, unique metal finishes and fusion of material.

Dimple is well versed with many calligraphic forms such as italics, Roman, Devanagari and pointed nib modern calligraphy, which she beautifully uses in her products. She has beautifully integrated calligraphy into her products resulting in intricate and exclusive designs that attract her clients day after day.

Although an artist’s journey to an entrepreneur was tough, her determination and passion helped her make a niche for herself. She independently handled everything from client design to production with vendors to final delivery. All this required dedication and time management, and above all, the passion that she has for art.

With her skills and artistic designs, she didn’t find it difficult to find clients. Soon, her boutique caught the eye of people who appreciate a good piece of art. Her boutique products, Dsignz offers, have a strong USP of design and the uniqueness of design that attract the customers.

Dimple attributes all her success to her mother, who stood by her through thick and thin and motivated her to go on till her dream was achieved. She believes that a mix of technology and art is the secret behind some very innovative products. The budding entrepreneur is striving hard to take her business to greater heights.

Dimple plans to offer an online and real-time visualization to the customers and assist them online. She is focusing on building a team of people who share her vision to offer many more masterpieces to her customers.

Dimple Pandhi has a long way to go.

For more details visit our website- www.dsignz.in


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