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Dr. Bhavana Trivedi has served this society but working in diverse realms of Homeopathy.

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi is a practicing Homeopathic consultant who has been treating lineage with her practices. She has expertise in supplying medical alternatives to aid people with chronic diseases. She started her career as a Health Practitioner in Homeopathy. It is only because of her dedication and devotion towards her work that has led her on the path of ongoing success.

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi’s start towards Homeopathy!

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi is a visionary and aspires to serve people with her deeds. Her affection to serve people made her decide on a career to pursue Medicine. She opted for Licentiate for the Court of Examiners in Homeopathy (L.C.E.H.) from Mumbai. She accomplished her initial stage towards the medical profession with this degree. Dr. Bhavana Trivedi didn’t stop after her first hurdle. She acquired several other degrees to elevate her career.

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi acquired her Master’s Degree in Homeopathy from the most renowned institute of London. She accomplished her Master’s degree in Homeopathy H.M.D. from the British Institute of Homeopathy, London, UK. Besides, she has successfully procured expertise in courses like Psychology, Acupuncture, Diet, and Nutrition. Despite being a medical practitioner, she also possesses an L.L.B. degree offered by Bombay University. 

How Dr. Bhavana Trivedi initially started her career as a Homeopathic practitioner?

The career graph of Dr. Bhavana Trivedi is a growing graph with progressive plots. She started with a small polyclinic around three decades back. The hard work and devotion towards her work made her grow even further. Today, she owns a Multispecialty clinic in Girgaon, Mumbai. Her motive is to cure people with alternative treatments like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi’s Multispecialty clinic serves numerous people with all diverse treatments, all under one roof. She firmly believes in curing patients and in addition to consulting them towards living a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases.  Thus Dr. Bhavana Trivedi believes in total wellness of mind, body and spirit to live a healthy life. 

Other Accomplishments of Dr. Bhavana Trivedi as a Homeopathic Practitioner!

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi has created her unique identity. She attended the A.Y.U.S.H. conference held in Dubai and played an active part. Moreover, she also participated in an advance workshop on Homeopathy held in Greece. These accomplishments have made her a gem globally.

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi’s  kind heart and enthusiasm towards humanity were broadly discerned in pandemic times. During the Covid-19 outbreak, when the whole world was locked in their homes, she served people. Her clinic was open daily even in the time of crisis to help people around. She served as a savior in these difficult times. She energetically did the volunteering work and supplied free medicines to aid Covid-19 patients and also did a course on covid-19 conducted by AYUSH MINISTRY.

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi’s Charity Contributions!

Dr. Bhavana Trivedi quotes that, “Charity is the greatest blessing you can deliver to humanity”. Her belief in serving Society is discerned in her actions. Dr. Bhavana Trivedi is associated with numerous organizations, which are listed as follows:

• Legal and Health Committee of Indian Merchant Chambers (Ladies Wing);

• Stree Mandal Mumbai, 116-year-old N.G.O. working for upliftment of women;

• Dr. Bhavana Trivedi is the Trustee of Troy and Zeus Foundation which gives
educational and medical aid to underprivileged strata of society along with looking
after animal welfare related activities; and

• Part of Innerwheel Club, Bombay pier.


Dr. Bhavana Trivedi and her undertakings are an inspiration to Indian Society. She possesses zeal and compassion, which are portrayed in her various treatments offered by her clinic Healing Touch Centre. Her active participation and achievements have led her to earn a reputed award by Women Iconza Awards 2021. 

Shop no- 5, Krishvi Heights, 1st Floor, 203/223, V.P. Road, Girgaum, Mumbai.
Email – drbhavanatrivedi@gmail.com
Website: www.healingtouchcentre.com


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