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From DJ to business entrepreneur – Arvind Sharma

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People have their interpretation of difficult times, for most people – difficult times are just another excuse for their incompetence, for some extraordinary ones – difficult incidents of life are the reasons to be successful. The ability to transform the way of living and to absorb new skills is the key to a successful life. The story of Devil Truss’ Arvind Sharma (DJ) is a story of such a transformation.

Arvind Sharma Early life

Arvind was born in Rohtak, Haryana. His father was a small-scale civil contractor. Already struggling for survival, his father’s business loss further reduced their family’s fate. They sold their house and shifted to a single room house where Arvind lived with two other siblings and parents – a family of five. At a young age, Family’s crisis demanded him to earn a living. In the year 2001, at the age of sixteen, during education, he started working as a day-to-day wage labourer. His everyday earnings of Rs. 50 per day helped him meet his monetary needs and support the family at times. Life was tough but Arvind always stayed happy with whatever he had, but, every so often, he got dishearten at the condition of his family. An intense desire to change the fate of his family was developing inside Arvind – He experimented with jobs, most of them were humble. When he turned twenty, Arvind developed some interest in music. He had some local musicians as his friends.. After the day’s hard work, he would join his friends and go out for DJ parties. DJ Parties was a new sensation in Rohtak in those days and many people hired DJs for their events. Arvind found the profession of DJ was profitable. Moreover his interest in music implanted the necessary passion. He frequently visited the DJ parties, and very soon, he mastered the art of a DJ. For almost a ten years, Arvind continued to stay a popular DJs in Rohtak and the surrounding areas. He attained money and reputation in equal quantity.

The Need to change

Although he was doing well as a DJ, Arvind was keen on discovering about new business areas. In the year 2013, Arvind had a narrow escape in a structure fall at a Ramleela event in Delhi. The accident filled in him about the need to use a reasonable aluminium structure at such events. Arvind knew many people in the event management businesses. He soon met a vendor of aluminium trusses in Delhi and  started researching on aluminium truss. He spent nearly 10 lac rupees in the preliminary research. After an adequate understanding of business, he took a loan to set up a small manufacturing unit, to build an aluminium truss. His first truss was prepared in  9 months and he approached the same dealer in Delhi who had made fun of his idea originally. The dealer advised him to exhibit his truss in Delhi at an event exhibition. Arvind received a decent acknowledgment  for his product. Arvind’s company Devil Truss  manufactures and supplies to events. He has a clients ranging from many prominent to  famous personalities and many event management companies.

Hard work paid off

Devil’s Truss received an award for the best trussing company in India at Mumbai in 2019.

Arvind carries a  positive attitude even in the difficult times of  the pandemic COVID-19. His company has not curtailed any businesses or fired any of its workers during this ongoing crisis. Arvind feels that the condition will soon improve, and massive work will flow, especially the work piled up during the lockdown.

Arvind lives life with a formula of Persistent, and Determination. He feels that no matter how unachievable your dreams look like your persistence and determination, will move you closer towards your objectives and encourage you to achieve them. Arvind’s story is an example of how one can beat all the odds with constant self-improvement.

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