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Shashank Dixit journey from an average family to the owner of 42$ million profitable company

Most of the middle-class boys just talk about simple things and they are hardly able to do the things because of the lack of resources knowledge skills and courage to face the challenges in life. However, the Shashank Dixit has made this impossible thing possible. He came from a middle-class family but with his passion and determination, he made history. He worked with his idea of the start-up and made history even before graduating from college.

He took the courage to live his dream and trusted his instincts to start the company, which is co-founders somesh Misra, Brajesh Sachan, and Paritosh Mahana. They started their journey with the software building for a local outlet. It was located near to their college and all friends completed their graduation in 2008 from IIT. After graduation, they successfully launched the accounting solution software, which could manage well the accounts of small businesses. The accounting software that they launched was only capable of handling the small-scale business accounts and the local market did not show good enthusiasm for this. Nevertheless, they did not give and started searching for the perfect market to sell the products and services. They found that great business opportunities and the market area was available for their products and services in Singapore. Now they were ready to enter and decided to shift to Singapore in 2012.

Struggling life in Singapore

The journey to success was an easy task and they have to work very hard on the marketing segments. Indeed door to door selling and marketing was done on the initial stage to make the software popular and generate some income for them. There was a time when they have to sleep on the Airport to save some money.

Growth journey

The tax structure of Singapore was very much according to the software and gradually the demand for the accounting software started rising. The name of the software was Deskera and this becomes quite a popular accounting solution for Singapore citizens. The government supported their started up because of making them were adding good things. They gave goods and services Tax solutions and government departments helped them a lot for this context. After Singapore, Malaysia also switched their taxation system as per the GST and they started working in this context. Soon Deskera offices were opened in Malaysia and this becomes a good breakthrough for the growth of the business.

Turning into a giant company

Soon they recognized the demand for their product and many other countries were also heading in the same direction. Shashank recognized this wonderful opportunity at the right time and soon their software market expanded a lot to America, Indonesia and they shifted their headquarters in San Francisco. The number of employees across three hundred countings and the turnover was crossing the figures of $42 million. They enhanced the capacity of their server and located it at many different places in major cities around the world. In Aug 2016 the company recognized the value of cloud computing in the GST sector and they launched GST cloud-based software in India. It became the first cloud-based provider of the GST software.

Making the dream cum true

Struggles and initial failures are just an important part of the big things in life and Shashank has recognized this factor. He did not give up after facing the initial challenges in life to start up this business. Indeed coming from the middle-class family was a big challenge for him and he positively took everything and worked hard. He worked for the ideas and dreams and did not care about the rest of the things. The best thing was that they opened their mind and prepared themselves for changes. They took every obstacle as the opportunity to work in the direction of the software startup. They did the research and analysis and never hesitated to do the marketing which is the key to success for every business. This story clearly tells us that nothing is impossible and you can always change your fate not matter that your past was.


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