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Don’t keep my son in jail: SRK says in just disclosed WhatsApp chat with Sameer Wankhede

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A WhatsApp chat between Shahrukh Khan and Sameer Wankhede in the Aryan Khan drug-case has just been disclosed. During the conversation, the Bollywood star pleaded with Wankhede not to put his son Aryan Khan behind jail.

A chat that took place between Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and the former Zonal Director of Mumbai’s Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Sameer Wankhede, has now been made public after it took place on the messaging app WhatsApp. This conversation took place at around the time when the news of Aryan Khan’s arrest was made public.

In a recent chat with Sameer Wankhede, Shahrukh Khan mentioned that he was speaking as a parent when he made some remarks. The person submitted a request to Sameer Wankhede, pleading with him not to hold their kid Aryan and asking him to reconsider doing so. Keeping him locked up will destroy him mentally. During this conversation, Shahrukh brings up the topic of providing complete cooperation with the law.

Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, was taken into custody by Sameer Wankhede in connection with the suspected cruise narcotics case. During that time, Sameer served as the chief of the Mumbai Zone of the Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau.

This post was one of his many responsibilities. Following his arrest, Aryan Khan was taken to a detention facility. In May of 2022, Aryan Khan was exonerated of all allegations against him since there was insufficient evidence to support them.

Let us tell you that in this particular investigation, the CBI has issued summonses for interrogation after filing a first information report (FIR) against five individuals, one of which is Sameer Wankhede.

Sameer Wankhede and numerous other people are accused, according to the First Information Report (FIR) that was filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), of demanding a quantity of money equal to 25 crores in connection with the Kodila Cruise Aryan Khan case. In addition, the FIR makes the allegation that they extorted a sum of fifty lakhs of rupees.

Sameer Wankhede, who was the then Zonal Director of Mumbai NCB, as well as four other individuals, including Vishwa Vijay Singh, who was the then Superintendent NCB, Ashish Ranjan, who was the then Intelligence Officer, Mumbai NCB, KP Gosavi, who was the private person who made Aryan’s photo go viral, and Sanville D’Souza, who filed a FIR against the private person, have been booked by the CBI.

According to what was discussed in this session, Shahrukh told Sameer that we can talk for one minute. On this call, Sameer responded positively. This conversation will focus on Shahrukh Khan, one of the most well-known actors in Bollywood. The person who was speaking expressed thanks to the other individual for the explanation that they provided to their youngster.

When Aryan leaves this location, the speaker claims that everyone will look forward to seeing him develop into a more admirable person. Aryan is the type of person that would inspire pride in you. The path of Aryan’s life has arrived at a crossroads. The information that has been gathered suggests that Shahrukh requested that Sameer take his child home.

Throughout the course of the interview, Shah Rukh, playing the part of a parent, can be seen pleading with Sameer Wankhede to treat his kid with consideration. On October 3, 2021, Shahrukh allegedly got in touch with Sameer Wankhede.

In order to convey his enthusiasm for the recipient, Shahrukh said, “I will personally come and hug you.” You have a great deal of respect from me.” The level of respect has recently improved. The parent communicated their intention to have their kid participate in an appropriate educational experience.

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