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Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan helped 6000 kids with learning disabilities become doctors, engineers with her teaching method

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We all had a teacher in school who taught a subject so brilliantly that we were able to learn it. Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan holds a similar unique place in the hearts of several of her students.

Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan of Puducherry stepped in to help slow learners and pupils with developmental disabilities succeed when other teachers and even their parents had given up on them. Thousands of her students have gone on to successful careers as a result of her guidance. Her persistence and extra effort helped them become who they are.

Dr. Bhuvana, a special educator and therapist, began teaching at Kendriya Vidyalaya in 1993. They nodded their heads at times, but they did not understand or absorb the subject matter, as evidenced by their reading, writing, and learning capacities “she claims.

“Their vocabulary, verbal abilities, writing skills, and memory skills needed work,” says the 56-year-old, who also wonders why some of her students struggle to learn a subject while others do not.

So Dr. Bhuvana developed case studies of each pupil. She generated files for roughly 15 youngsters in Class 7 and recorded data on where they fell short in performance. It was at this point that she realised that the traditional methodology would not work for these pupils and that she would need to adapt her teaching methodology.

She then evaluated pupils based on their progress in comprehension and memory, as well as their ability to execute an activity.” I incorporated activities and games to ensure that my lessons were pleasant and enjoyable.

Dr. Bhuvana’s additional couple of hour-long sessions to deploy unique strategies bore fruit within months as pupils began to perform better.

The pupils could confide in Dr. Bhuvana and they were sure that she could teach the topics that no one else could.

Furthermore, parents were thrilled with their children’s progress and requested that Dr. Bhuvana open a school for children with learning impairments. “These children’s parents were continually concerned about their child’s future.”

Some of them gave up on their children, citing concerns about their children’s future careers. Dr. Bhuvana felt these children really needed a helping hand.

Dr. Bhuvana founded Bridges Learning Vidyalaya in Thanthai Periyar Nagar in 1998 to educate students with dyslexia, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), autism, and other developmental disorders. “The school also accepts students who have behavioural concerns.”

The school educates children in Classes 1 through 12 and follows the Puducherry Board curriculum.

Malin’s Intelligence Scale is used to assess each child’s IQ, which is then classified into mild, moderate, and severe categories based on their abilities.

The school uses innovative teaching methods to convey education and assist students in understanding things from a child’s point of view.

Over the past 25 years, the school has taught over 6,000 students, many of whom are now doctors, managers, and engineers working in well-known corporations.

Others work in the hospitality, social service, and nutrition fields.

According to Uthamanathan, the father of Suryanarayan, a student at the school, “My child was hesitant to attend a traditional school.

His school frequently complained to us.”

Uthamanathan later discovered that his child was 20% dyslexic and a sluggish learner.

He claims, “I discovered Dr. Bhuvana’s school and enrolled Suryanarayan in Class 4.

He finished high school and is presently pursuing an MBA in logistics from the prestigious Hindustan University.”

He goes on to say that Dr. Bhuvana devised a personalised curriculum and teaching style for his child, which helped him develop an interest in studies and perform better.

Dr. Bhuvana is credited with his child’s accomplishment. “I was worried about my son’s future, and it is only because of Dr. Bhuvana’s tireless efforts that my child has been able to enter mainstream education.”

His chances of landing a job through a campus placement appear to be good ” according to Uthamanathan. According to Dr. Bhuvana, many parents, including Uthamanathan, feel helpless when it comes to providing special attention to their child’s requirements.”

She continues, “Parents frequently express their need for someone like me to care for their child, and I am grateful that I am able to assist them. “

Despite the fact that Bridges Learning Vidyalaya is a service-based organisation, it is experiencing financial difficulties.

The institution has nearly 500 kids enrolled in it at the moment.

However, we run on fees that are only about 30% of the parents’ income. The school has adopted over 100 orphans. Many of the pupils’ parents come from lower-income families and cannot afford the fees.

In Puducherry, we also contact students from rural backgrounds “she claims. Dr. Bhuvana also requires finances to establish a national institute that will provide vocational training.”

Despite the demands of her job, Dr. Bhuvana Vasudevan says she enjoys it. She says, “I get my energy from the love of children and my passion for teaching.”


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