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Dr.Srinivasan.S is a renowned Numerologist living In Mumbai. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing, and a PhD degree in Commerce (Business Policy & Administration). Starting his career as a Product Executive in a Pharmaceutical company, he has held several senior positions in various organizations before ‘retiring’ as the General Manager of an advertising agency at the age of 29 to start his own business. 

Dr.Srinivasan.S is very passionate about teaching and has been a visiting faculty at leading Management Institutes in Mumbai for over 15 years. He also writes novels in his free time.

Dr.Sinivasan.S is proud to be an Indian and has a keen interest in ancient Indian Sciences. He has studied Astrology, Palmistry and gemstones. He has also studied and researched Numerology for over 33 years. Unlike many Numerologists who follow the Chinese system, Dr.Srinivasan.S practices a unique blend of Indian and Chaldean Numerology as taught to him by his father. In fact he ascribes all his success in life to his dear parents, and in particular his Dad, whom he considers as his friend, philosopher and guide.

Numerology believes that a person may face problems in life due to an unfavourable birth number, destiny number or name number. The birth number and destiny number of a person cannot be changed as they are based on the person’s birth date. However, Numerology believes that by correcting a name, most of the ill-effects of an unfavourable birth number or destiny number or name number can be reduced or even eliminated completely. 

According to Dr.Srinivasan.S, Numerology can very useful to help people achieve their true potential in life. Unlike most Numerologists, he does not advise his clients to change their name. He believes that since our parents give us our name at birth with a lot of love and affection, every name is a good name in absolute terms. When a client applies to him for name correction, he analyses the person’s birth date and name and merely alters the spelling of the name slightly to create a new name. He then advises the client to use the new name as a nickname informally among family and friends while continuing to use the present name for all official and formal matters as before. 

Dr.Srinivasan’s clients are thrilled with his practical approach, since he does not ask them to change their name. Therefore they don’t have to get their names changed in so many documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, bank accounts etc.

Dr.Srinivasan.S offers Numerological name correction services and online Numerology courses through his website drsrinivasans.com. His prices are very affordable so more people can avail his services and benefit from his knowledge and experience.

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