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Stress Management and how to tackle it

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If you feel stressed out and are not able to enjoy a peaceful life then you must follow these tips for Stress management and live with a calm mind. Your anxious mind will make you feel sick and will cause a lot of problems. 

Stress is your body’s reaction to life changes. There is no way to avoid stress since life is full of it—from day-to-day changes like commuting from home to work to significant life upheavals like marriage, divorce, or the death of a loved one.

The goal for Stress management should not be to eliminate all stress but to minimize unneeded stress and manage the rest properly. There are some common stressors that many people face, but each individual is unique.

It’s all about the hormones that are stressed out

Inflammation and its destructive effects on our body’s cells, specifically our hair follicles, are the true cause of stress-induced hair loss. New research has moved the emphasis on hair loss away from stress hormones like cortisol and toward stress prevention.

A stressed-out body makes the hormones work in an insane manner and thus many people start facing issues like hair fall. This issue can be cured easily if you follow the tips given below for Stress management :


It has been observed that the people who follow yoga in their daily life have a calm mind. This keeps them composed and happy which relieves the stress. If you want to follow meditation then you can hire a good yoga guru and practice it with him.

Eat healthily

The most important thing when it comes to getting rid of stress is eating healthy. You must have loads of fruits and vegetables on your plate. This will help you get rid of the disturbing hormones and ease out the stress.

Omega 3

Another thing you need to follow in your diet is intake Omega 3. This is one of the best supplements that can help your hair regrow that you have lost due to stress. It will also give you a happy life with glowing skin.

Sleep Properly

One of the critical factors that you need to keep into consideration is that you get proper sleep. A good sleep of 7 to 8 hours is considered to be the best for a stress free mind. Make a schedule that you sleep everyday at the same time and get an undisturbed sleep.

Take doctor’s advice

If you feel that you have tried everything but still are not getting any results then getting in touch with your doctor is the best thing. He will guide you with the right ways to get your hair growth back. If might also happen that your doctor will prescribe you some medicines. Make sure to have them on time and you will get your hair back soon.

Over the counter medicines

If you do not want to go and visit a doctor then your local pharmacist can be your best companion. Go and discuss your case with him. Your pharmacist might help you get rid of the problem with some safe medicines.

Take a break

When you feel stressed out the best thing is to take a break. Why let your body suffer so much. Just put your phone on silent mode and sleep. You can also plan to go out on a break with your friends. If you feel exhausted then switch on the TV and watch your favourite movie. These things help a lot. If you do not feel like doing any one of them, then just talking on the phone with your best friend or dancing to your favorite song can also be a great stress buster.


Suffering from hair fall or skin problems can be a huge problem. If you are stressed out and want a break from your irritating boss then all you need to take in a deep breath and relax. Keep your phone side, put it on silent mode and just let the positive vibes flow in your mind. This will help you feel relaxed with proper Stress management. Your hair fall issues will vanish away and you will get the long, beautiful tresses back to flaunt in style. 

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