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Times Applaud honors Dr Vivek Lolage as Covid-19 warrior for his selfless service

Ayurveda has played a great role during the Covid-19 pandemic and the contribution of Ayurvedic doctors in combating the pandemic since it started in 2020 is commendable. As the dreadful disease spread beyond urban areas to rural and remote parts of India where allopathic doctors are not always available, Ayurvedic doctors became the first line of defense. And although the pandemic has been a nightmare for the world, we should be grateful to the Creator for giving us some really great people, who are now called Covid-19 warriors. Ayurvedic doctors, like other members of the medical fraternity, have been at the forefront of the war against the pandemic. M.D. Dr Vivek Lolage is one of the self-sacrificing Covid-19 warriors.

Times Applaud, a leading press release publisher, understands that the least we can do in exchange for the services that Ayurvedic doctors rendered to humanity during the pandemic is to appreciate them for their contribution. Dr Lolage, who is a reputed Ayurvedic doctor, has rendered admirable service to mankind during the pandemic. Times Applaud has hence bestowed the Covid-19 warrior award to Dr Lolage, for his remarkable services and contribution.

Ayurveda or the ‘Science of life’ has been playing a great role since the pandemic started, as it is the ancient medical system of healing from India that boosts immunity, thereby enhancing longevity. In fact, the WHO made suggestions like drinking ‘Kadha’ (an Ayurvedic drink made from herbs to boost immunity as well as prevent and cure diseases), as there was no fixed cure for any person affected by corona virus, for a long time after the pandemic started.

Dr Vivek Lolage is among those doctors who were at the forefront in the war against Covid-19. Among the many services that Dr Lolage rendered to humanity, it is noteworthy that he gave priority to his patients over his own self. This selflessness prompted him to keep his clinic open, when most of us were safe at home during the lockdown. The decision of Dr Lolage was quite courageous as there were also doctors, who had stopped caring for patients during the pandemic. Every small act of kindness matters especially in difficult times like that of Covid-19. Hence, the self-sacrificing service of Dr. Lolage during corona virus is something that should be valued.

Dr. Lolage has the credit for developing the first and perhaps the only hospital in Thane and around Mumbal treating Anorectal disorders, called the Kalasiddhi Anorectal Ozone Hospital. Anorectal disease refers to conditions affecting the anus and/or rectum, with haemorrhoids, anal warts, anal fissures, anorectal abscesses, and anal fistulas being the most common. The Kalasiddhi Anorectal Ozone Hospital is a ten-bed hospital in Thane that, through its Kahar Sutra therapy, offers treatment to patients suffering from any kind of Anorectal disorders. The Kahar Sutra therapy is a risk-free, cost-effective, and a minimally invasive Ayurvedic parasurgical procedure and technique to treat anorectal disorders. The treatment takes just over 5-6 minutes and the patient is discharged within 20 minutes from the hospital.

Dr Vivek Lolage, who has been masterfully practicing his skills for over 30 years, has achieved many milestones and received several recognition.He has been traveling to Sri Lanka, and various other countries for the treatment of patients. Dr Lolage has successfully cured, without any surgery, over 50,000 patients suffering from Anorectal disorders. He uses Kshar Sutra Therapy, Ozone Therapy and special Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment, thereby helping the patient live a better and healthier life. Dr Lolage is known for his non-surgical treatment and has patients coming from all over the country Not only that, he has patients coming from Srilanka, Nigeria, London, Dubai, and other parts of the world. Dr Lolage, has received several recognition as an Ayurvedic doctor. That includes being honored with Thane Gaurav Puraskar in 2016, and the MAHARASHTRA LOKMAT WELLNESS ICON award in 2019. He also serves as Joint Secretary at Indian Red Cross Society,Thane.

Times Applaud has now honored Dr Lolage for his admirable service to mankind during corona virus by bestowing him with its Covid-19 warrior award. We wish Dr Lolage the best for all his future endeavors and hope that he continues to serve mankind even beyond the pandemic. Website: www.drlolages.com


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