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A Candid Interview with the king of derivatives Aksha Khosla who Talks on Financial Literacy and Bullish Sectors currently in the market

Based out in Mumbai, Aksha Daleep Khosla, is one of the India’s leading stockbroker and expert security analyst. His market strategies are known to be highly result-driven and his predictions are correct most of the times. His in-depth knowledge about stocks, huge experience with market, ability to work under-pressure and unparalleled recommendations to handle the risks involved with share market and trading are the reasons why his stockbroking firm is counted best in business today. He has been helping budding traders and investors to attain high-yields.

Today, Aksha has joined us to share his opinion over Financial Literacy and Bullish Sectors currently in the market

Q.How is derivatives different from Intraday ?

Ans:- There is no correlation as such , any person can trade in derivatives by doing Intra Day and Multi day positional both.

Q. Post the second lockdown in India there has been a record breaking 15 Lacks + Dmat Accounts , Your Views on It ?

 Ans. That’s a very good thing that people have started entering the stock market for investments,they should have done this much earlier how ever they should do a thorough research on the fundamentals of the stock in which they want to invest their hard earned money , they can also take an expert advice. Financial literacy in India was always lacking ,now the times have changed.

Q:- Which sector in the stock market is more bullish ?

Ans. According to me banking and Financial industry is bullish , Also the unlocked sectors like hotel and tourism industry, auto have a good potential.

Q.How important are the fundamentals of a stock while choosing to invest or to trade in derivatives ?

Ans.Fundamentals will carry more importance while Investing in stocks as it is is for a long term gains and derivatives is for short term gains. An expert advice is equally important before Investing or trading.

Q. Will Omicron be a deciding factor in coming days of the market ?
Ans. Yes it will but initial reports are saying that its a weak virus , certainly weaker than the delta Variant, Initially there was a knee jerk reaction. however now even the world markets have bounced back.

Q:- The third wave is expected in January 2022 , The Govt is already alarming the citizens , how do you see the stock market then?

Ans. The Market will eventually climb the wall of worry, Like what happened in March 2020 during the first wave and the second wave in April 2021. however both the times the market bounced back with making new highs including the banking sector which took a little longer after the second wave.


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