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Drinking Water While Standing Poses Risks, Experts Warn

As everyone knows, “Water is life.” Approximately 70% of the human body is composed of water. We are entirely dependent on water to survive, and when our bodies are dehydrated, we suffer from dehydration. You need to drink two to three litters of water a day for your body and all of its parts to function properly. However, are you aware of the proper manner to sip water? It is important to note that there is an appropriate way to drink water. We know you are probably wondering what kind of question this is. A lot of people begin drinking water while standing since they don’t know any better.

Standing and drinking water can lead to these issues

  • Problems related to arthritis: It is not advisable for people with arthritis to consume water while standing since this can exacerbate joint pain. Sipping water while standing causes the body to retain more fluid, which aggravates joint pain.
  • Lung problems: Water consumption while standing lowers the body’s oxygen content. This has a detrimental impact on lung health.
  • Bad digestion: People’s digestive systems are negatively impacted by drinking water while standing. When you drink water while standing, the liquid enters your stomach more quickly, injuring your lower body.
  • Problems with the kidneys: Standing when drinking water raises the chance of developing kidney disease. If you have kidney disease, you should never drink water while standing.

How does one properly drink water?
Allow us to remind you that drinking water should always be done so while comfortably seated. Water should be shipped in tiny amounts as opposed to being consumed all at once. The body maintains the proper electrolyte balance and receives all the minerals it needs when water is consumed slowly.

Taushif Patel
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