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Drishyam 2 movie review: a compelling follow-up with lots of drama and twists

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The grief and anxiety of what happened seven years ago still plague Vijay Salgaonkar and his family. How much longer can the truth be suppressed when the police are using new tactics and tracks to crack the case? Can Vijay once more save himself and his family?

Drishyam 2 Review: Picking up where the 2015 film left off, Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) emerges from a police station holding a shovel in the follow-up to the Malayalam thriller of the same name. The fact that there was a witness to the nearly flawless crime seven years ago is what motivates the police to reopen the Sameer Deshmukh missing-person investigation so long after it was first opened.

Vijay, who now owns a theater, had always wanted to turn one of his stories into a movie. While his younger daughter Anu (Mrunal Jadhav) is in her teens, his older daughter Anju (Ishita Dutta) is still reeling from the impact of the tragic occurrences. His wife Nandini (Shriya Saran) and the rest of the family are carrying on as usual, but they are all always on alert. and with an eerie feeling of fear that never leaves them. When a truth threatens to upend everything, a series of unanticipated occurrences completely alter the Salgaonkars’ existence.

Even the backing Vijay earned from his neighborhood seven years ago starts to wane as the plot develops and people start to wonder if he really did commit the crime. The movie picks up momentum when the police probe is launched under the direction of Inspector General of Police Tarun Ahlawat (Akshaye Khanna), Sameer’s mother, and former IG Meera (Tabu), whose accidental death served as the basis for both films. The protagonist is not minimized this time around as they follow the leads.

Here, filmmaker Abhishek Pathak takes things slowly in the first half, following a similar format to the first, directed by the late Nishkant Kamat. He builds the suspense in the story subtly, making the family’s fear and anxiety apparent. Each character performs a specific function as the investigation goes on, adding to the drama and tension.

Ajay Devgn excels as a devoted father who loves his family despite everything; he is a straightforward individual with a keen mind. These tense events gain a lot of gravitas from Akshaye Khanna, who has previously played a cop in movies like Mom and Ittefaq. As Meera, a mother fighting for her son’s rights, Tabu is simply fantastic. As her spouse who fervently wants everything resolved as quickly as possible, Rajat Kapoor shines. Gaitonde, who is still cruel and eager for vengeance, is played once more by Kamlesh Sawant. The parts played by the other Salgaonkars, Shriya Saran, Ishita Dutta, and Mrunal Jadhav, are almost identical to those from the preceding chapter. In order to investigate the mystery, Saurabh Shukla does a good job as writer Murad Ali.

Aamil Keeyan Khan and Abhishek Pathak expertly recreate the original novel by Jeethu Joseph. They expertly weave in various strands, building to an amazing climax that is full of surprising turns that rival the previous movie in quality. While the first one unquestionably had some uniqueness to it, the sequel holds up just as well; it intrigues and amuses. Most of the time, the plot of this narrative remains unpredictable, although occasionally, the setups and circumstances appear forced. Despite this, creating a sequel to a popular first film when the majority of the original cast returns may be difficult.

Sahi Galat, the title track and accompanying song by Amitabh Bhattacharya, is a positive song. Saath Hum Rahein is a slow-moving film that captures the relationship that families have in just the right way. The drama’s intensity is increased by the effective blending of the background score by Rockstar DSP (Devi Sri Prasad).

Overall, just like its predecessor, Drishyam 2 is packed with surprises that will keep you fascinated the entire time. Additionally, the Salgaokars’ tale will continue to be remembered by the general population.

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