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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Edtech firm Infinity Learn takes over Wizklub for $10M in acquisition spree

Looks like edtech startup, Infinity Learn, is on an acquisition spree. The company has taken over Wizklub in the latest deal.

On Wednesday, Infinity Learn, an edtech firm financed by Sri Chaitanya, announced it had taken over Wizklub for USD 10 million (about Rs 77 crore). The deal is part of Infinity Learn’s  push into cognitive learning.

Wizklub’s 100-person team will join the edtech platform and operate under the cognitive learning vertical “Infinity Futurz.”

Sushma Boppana, Founder and Director of Infinity Learn, said the take over of Wizklub adds significant value to what Infinity Futurz intends to provide.

According to Boppana, “It fosters the development of a child’s cognitive capacities from childhood, which are essential for both offline and online learning. This will allow us to take students’ instruction to a higher level, focusing on how to raise their IQ levels and thinking abilities, making it easier for both Sri Chaitanya and Infinity Learn. It’s a really strategic purchase for us.”

Looks like Infinity Learn is on an acquisition spree, as Wizklub is the third acquisition by Infinity Learn within first year of their operation. The deal with Wizklub comes after Infinity Learn acquired Don’t Memorise, a concept-based multilingual content platform, and Teacherr, a digital platform by teaching community.

Boppana said, “We had a crew of 60-70 people when we first began operations. We now have about 450 workers. We are focused on generating amazing information that will be tailored for the needs of the students, rather than simply throwing content at them, and something that will be beneficial for them to provide an output and see development in results.”

Infinity Futurz’ content will be available both online and offline, and the business will approach schools to give cognitive learning training to their kids, according to Bopanna.

Infinity Futurz intends to expand its existing portfolio of Infinity Learn products to the K12 market by instilling essential abilities that a student will need to thrive in their chosen field.

Ujjwal Singh, CEO and President of Infinity Learn, stated that over the next 24 months, Infinity Learn anticipates over one million early years students enrolling for a multi-year journey with Infinity Futurz.


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