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Elon Musk decides to delete Twitter’s inactive accounts; Here’s what could go wrong

According to Elon Musk, the removal of old accounts from the platform may be imminent. The owner of Twitter recently announced via a Tweet that the platform is currently eliminating accounts that have been inactive for multiple years.

Additionally, the owner noted that users may experience a decrease in their follower count as a result of this action. In November 2022, shortly after acquiring the platform, Musk hinted at this modification. Twitter will delete an account that has been inactive for an unspecified number of years.

As a result, a larger number of Twitter usernames would become available for utilization by active users. In a recent announcement, Elon Musk has revealed his plans to conduct a Twitter purge of inactive accounts. What are the potential risks? Examining the possible drawbacks.

The question arises: what are the potential risks or negative outcomes that could occur?

According to Slash Gear, there is a possibility of an increase in cases of impersonation, particularly for popular accounts that are presently inactive. Another blue tick situation on Twitter could be looming.

At present, Twitter lacks a feature similar to Facebook’s option to report a memorial page. Passive accounts have been permitted to persist. The criteria for a “active” account and the necessary provisions to maintain account functionality remain unclear, as Musk has yet to provide further details.

According to Musk’s Tweets, logging into an account once every 30 days is considered “active.” Accounts that are not actively tweeting may face removal from the platform, according to recent reports.

The removal of inactive accounts on the Twitter platform could result in the deletion of a significant amount of information, in addition to the aforementioned issues. In order to preserve valuable information, it has been suggested that old accounts be assigned randomized generic usernames instead of being deleted entirely. The timeline for discovering the answer remains uncertain.


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