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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Bani Devsani enters in India Book of World Records

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India’s got talent. This can be seen from the fact that some of the youngsters in the country are able to achieve feats that are just outstanding and unimaginable. Meet one such exceptional whizz kid, Bani Devsani, who is proud to have been blessed with an unusual talent. A special event is being held today to felicitate the 13-year-old blindfold magic girl from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Bani Devsani is a maverick with super senses who has the rare ability to reveal anything written with her eyes under the blindfold. It is indeed commendable that Ms. Bani can read anything by just touching the material while her eyes remain fully covered.

The noteworthy thing about her feat is that while being blindfolded, Ms. Bani Devsani can read everything whether on paper or anything else. She amazes audiences with her brilliant performance showcasing unbelievable 6th sense capabilities, wherever and whenever she performs. While displaying her talent, she provides an unforgettable and enchanting experience to those who witness her remarkable feat.

As a mark of recognition for her exceptional talent, a felicitation program is taken place in Mumbai where Ms. Bani Devsani will be honored with the following awards:

1) India Book of World Record

2) Global Iconic Award

The following honorable Chief Guests are adding value and grace to the occasion with their sheer presence:

Shri Abhijeet Rane – National General Secretary and Advisor & Founder of Dhadak Kamgar Union.

Shri Chandrashekhar Pusalkar- President of Dada Saheb Phalke organization.

Ms. Pooja Sharma – Head of Transgender Community & Instagram Entrepreneur.

Sanjay T Devsani – Father

Sangeeta S Devsani – Mother

The event is being hosted by Women on 27th April 2023, at Mayor Hall, Opp BMW showroom, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It marks a much-needed and significant effort to bring rare talents like Ms. BaniDevsani into the limelight. Women is a Nonprofit organization based in Mumbai, India, Maharashtra. 

By receiving the awards Ms. Bani Devsani will serve as an inspiration to more young talents like her. We hope that through the program Women effectively helps discover, recognize, and encourage more such talents in the future.  We also wish Ms. Bani Devsani all the best for her future endeavors.

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