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Empowering self-defense: IPS Officer explains how to make pepper spray at home

Soumya Sambasivan has built a name for herself in Himachal Pradesh as a tough cop, cracking the whip on criminals, solving murder cases, and dismantling an inter-state narcotics network. Her viral video of her instructing young girls on how to produce pepper spray went viral, and she has since grown in popularity.

Soumya Sambasivan, an IPS officer, made headlines a few years ago when a video of her instructing three young girls in her office how to produce pepper spray went popular on social media.

She has continued to grab the spotlight since then. Soumya has earned a name for himself in Himachal Pradesh as a tough cop, cracking the whip on criminals, solving murder cases, and even dismantling an inter-state drug gang.

Surprisingly, opposed to her strong appearance is a gentler personality that shows through via her poetry, which she has released as a book, named ‘Tara the Enchantress’.

The 2010 batch IPS officer, who is presently serving as Commandant, 2nd IRB (India Reserve Battalion), Sakoh, Kangra, has been a mystery to her fans, who have been researching her age, birthplace, date of birth, marriage, and other details on Google.

Soumya speaks about her life, childhood goals, and even men in a freewheeling chat with the media that was split into many sessions lasting more than a month among her hectic schedule.

Soumya is the sole child of her parents and was born in Palakkad, Kerala (formerly Palghat). Her father was a military engineering services (MES) engineer, while her mother was a homemaker.

She worked as an investment banker for HSBC Bank for nearly three years before passing the UPSC test on her first try and being accepted into IPS.

She attended schools in several states and is a Kendriya Vidyalaya graduate. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from Bharathiar University in Coimbatore and a postgraduate diploma in marketing and finance from ICFAI in Hyderabad.

She was uncertain as a youngster, like many others, about what she wanted to be. Her initial employment was as an investment banker at HSBC Bank, but she became dissatisfied with her position and wanted to become a cop.

Soumya taught local girls how to produce pepper spray for self-defense while serving as an SP in Sirmaur. She also busted an interstate narcotics cartel in Sirmaur. They were eventually apprehended and imprisoned by police.

She’ll never forget a murder case she helped solve when stationed in Sirmaur in 2016. It was discovered that the dead was a Muslim woman who had been slain by her husband.

One often asked issue is if gender makes a difference in the police force. Soumya adds that the problem is not limited to the police force and is not just about gender.

Kerala is Soumya’s own favourite state. Not because she was born there, but because of the people that live there.

Soumya is a single woman who adores her parents, especially her mother. She doesn’t exercise on a regular basis, but she never forgets to pray.

Soumya’s mother used to accompany her to coaching lessons in Delhi when she was studying for the civil services.

She would cut and paste significant newspaper stories into a journal so that Soumya could read them later. That was really beneficial to her because she did not have to read the full newspaper.

The police officer’s general counsel to women is to be financially self-sufficient.

Soumya believes in, respects, and trusts her own power. While police walas are deemed impolite, she says they are still human beings who demand respect.

Soumya is a voracious reader who enjoys the works of Leo Tolstoy, Salman Rushdie, Gajanand Madhav Muktibodh, and Premchand. Her favourite authors are Leo Tolstoy, Osho, and Salman Rushdie.


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