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Top 7 Fastest Growing Brands in 2021

Businesses across the world have suffered badly since  Covid-19 started. But, there are some companies that emerged as the fastest growing brands in 2021 despite the pandemic.

Despite the fact that the world came to a halt in March 20th, things are slowly returning to normal As we move towards the Post-Covid-19 era, many brands have returned to business and begun to fill their pockets with large earnings; the first quarter of 2021 saw certain brands post remarkable growth.This article examines the top 7 fastest growing brands in 2021, as measured by brand value growth rate. On the roster are some well-known and expected names, as well as a few novices.

1. Tesla’s brand value was valued at $32 billion after the first quarter of 2021.Despite COVID-19 impeding the company’s growth in 2020, Tesla’s stock might soar by 500%, and its market valuation is near to $500 billion.  This rise, which was 7-8 times greater than in 2019, resulted in a 158 percent gain in Tesla’s brand value.

2. Alibaba experienced a 108 percent increase in June of this year. The company’s revenue increased by 40% in FY2021, which concluded on March 31, 2021, and is now worth US$109.5 million. Alibaba enables businesses to increase their efficiencies by transforming the way they market, sell, and operate. They provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to assist merchants, brands, retailers, and other organisations in leveraging the potential of modern technologies to engage consumers and customers and operate more efficiently.

3. Since the debut of the first iPhone in June 2007, Apple Inc. has been in the headlines. Despite experiencing some ups and downs in 2020, Apple Inc. managed to achieve the second spot in a ranking of the world’s most valuable brands, trailing only Amazon and ahead of Google and Microsoft. The success of Apple’s diversification approach is responsible for an amazing 87 percent increase in brand value to US$263.4 billion and its place at the top of the Brand Finance Global 500 2021 ranking.

4. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a multinational biopharmaceutical firm that aims to research, develop, and deliver ground-breaking medications that will aid clinicians in the treatment of critical diseases. BMS reported second-quarter revenue of $11.7 billion, a 16 percent rise. In the third quarter, gross margin grew from 73.4 percent to 79.0 percent, owing principally to lower unwinding of inventory purchase price accounting adjustments, which was somewhat offset by foreign exchange.

5. The sales of China’s largest online retailer, JD.com increased 39 percent to $31.57 billion in the quarter ended March 31, 2021, exceeding analysts’ average forecast of $29.6 billion. JD.com’s brand value growth rate has been calculated to be an astounding 81.9 percent.

6. Meituan is a Chinese shopping site that supports local companies. Meituan was an instant hit and still is today, as it began as a group-discount website that sold coupons from numerous retailers and so produced commissions. Meituan’s brand value rate increased by 62 percent during the first quarter of FY2021. It produced nearly CNY 37 billion (about USD 5 billion) in revenue during this quarter, representing a YoY growth rate of 120.9 percent.

7. NVIDIA is a global corporation that changed the world of gaming. It is among the fastest growing brands in 2021.NVIDIA saw its net income rise from $917 millionto $1.91 billion in the first quarter of 2021 that ended on May 2, 2021. The company recorded revenue increase of $5.66 billion, up 84 percent from a year earlier and up 13 percent from the previous quarter.


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