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Forests to Visit in India during Monsoons

With each monsoon season comes forests that transform into living sanctuaries brimming with life and vibrant colours. Forest floors become covered in lush foliage while streams and rivers overflow with rainwater filling their channels, filling the air with earthy aromas from wet soil and the scents from blooming flora – wildlife becomes more prevalent as animals and birds rejoice at an abundance of food and water; just some of what happens during monsoon season!

Here are a few forests to visit during monsoon in India:

Periyar National Park of Keralaalitat
Situated amidst the Western Ghats, Periyar National Park transforms into a lush green paradise during monsoon season. Boasting elephants, tigers and various bird species as well as Periyar Lake for boat safaris to provide an enchanting experience among rain-drenched landscape.

Agumbe Rainforest in Karnataka
Often dubbed the Cherrapunji of the South, receives heavy rainfall making it an ideal monsoon destination. With dense forests rich in biodiversity such as amphibians and reptiles, stunning sunset views, Barkana and Jogigundi waterfalls and other scenic attractions – Agumbe Rainforest stands out as an exceptional monsoon destination.

Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand
Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site at its finest during monsoon season, when an incredible display of vibrant flowers cover its entire valley floor. Meadows, alpine flowers and an impressive fauna offer an eye-catching scenery which draws trekkers and nature lovers from around the globe to this captivating place.

Amboli, Maharashtra
Amboli is an idyllic hill station situated within Maharashtra’s Sahyadri Hills that is renowned for its lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and mist-covered hills that come alive during monsoon season. Furthermore, Amboli’s dense forests serve as an oasis for biodiversity that are home to rare and endemic species alike.

Matheran Hill Station near Mumbai
Offers visitors a unique monsoon experience amidst dense forest terrain that comes alive with rain during monsoon season, producing misty raindrops to create misty green valleys with waterfalls and streams running freely through. Offering peace and serenity as a no-vehicle zone, Matheran offers ample hiking and nature trail options to explore in its peaceful environs.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa
This wildlife sanctuary located in the Western Ghats is lush and green during monsoon season, becoming home to leopards, elephants and numerous bird species. Dudhsagar Falls- one of India’s tallest waterfalls- is especially picturesque during monsoon months. From Amboli’s misty hills to Periyar’s lush expanses, these destinations offer a retreat into thriving ecosystems. Exploring Valley of Flowers or Matheran’s serene trails reveals a tapestry of life renewed by rain and blooming flora. These forests during monsoon offer a unique connection to India’s ecological heritage, promising an immersive journey into nature’s rejuvenating power.

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