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Nykaa Fashion’s Stay Stylish campaign draws its inspiration from reverse fangirling

Nihir Parikh, CEO of NykaaFashion.com stated in regards to their campaign: “With over 650 international brands and beloved homegrown favorites curated in our selection, we offer everything needed for staying ahead in fashion!”

Nykaa Fashion’s new campaign, ‘Stay Stylish,’ takes inspiration from moments of reverse fangirling.

Nihir Parikh, CEO of NykaaFashion.com expressed their excitement regarding this campaign by saying “At Nykaa Fashion, style isn’t simply an option – it’s our passion! Our expert team understands which trends and styles resonate most with consumers so staying fashionable becomes effortless for our consumers. Plus with over 650 international brands and homegrown classics available – there’s everything needed to stay ahead in fashion!”

As part of the campaign’s inaugural digital film, Janhvi finds herself immersed in an intense horror sequence when suddenly she interrupts it and brings production to a stop. What caught Janhvi’s eye amid this creepy atmosphere was Nykaa Fashion’s outfit on Assistant Director; so much so, that she couldn’t resist asking him where it came from; an intense moment turned into an unexpected fan-girl moment.

Janhvi Kapoor, Nykaa Fashion’s Brand Ambassador shared that this campaign held special significance for her: she uses Nykaa Fashion for any high-stake weekly occasion and loves their incredible selection of brands in their Global Store as well as designs from their House of Nykaa Fashion; both ensure she steps out in style every time! Whenever she visits Nykaa Fashion she knows they will get asked “Oh My God Where Did You Get This Outfit From?”.

Kusha makes her second digital film a playful one with an engaging ER scene! Even while sporting a neck brace and being limited in mobility, Kusha spots another patient wearing an exquisite gown from Nykaa Fashion that truly stands out. Kusha then asks where it came from before immediately asking where else it can be purchased! Nykaa Fashion clothing always makes an impactful statement no matter the situation!

Kusha Kapila shared Janhvi’s sentiments by commenting, “This campaign speaks to me! Who doesn’t love being the center of attention and receiving compliments on their outfit? Whether I’m attending a movie night or brunching with friends, you can count on me scrolling through Nykaa Fashion’s amazing collection for stylish looks… It is thanks to them that when I look great!!”

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