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Fourth Meta India resignation in a year: Yet another top officer leaves the Facebook parent; But why?

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Meta India has witnessed yet another high-profile resignation as a top officer, Manish Chopra, stepped down from his position. This marks the fourth major resignation from the Facebook parent in less than a year.

In a significant move, a high-ranking official has announced their departure from Meta, the parent company overseeing the operations of social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The resignation of Manish Chopra, who served as the Director and Head of Partnerships in India for Meta, has been reported. Manish has been a part of Meta for the past four and a half years. Meta India has witnessed its fourth major resignation in the past year, adding to the growing list of departures from the company.

In the span of a year, there have been four resignations from the organization.

Meta India has recently witnessed the departure of its Head, Ajit Mohan, and Public Policy Head, Rajeev Aggarwal. In November of last year, both individuals made the decision to part ways from the company. Last year, Abhijit Bose, the head of WhatsApp India, also resigned from his position.

Following their departure from Meta, Ajit Mohan and Rajeev Agarwal have since taken up positions at Snap and Samsung, respectively. Simultaneously, Bose has disclosed that they are currently involved in the development of a fresh startup endeavor. Following Ajit Mohan’s resignation, Manish Chopra took over as the head of Meta India for a period of two months.
Manish boasts an impressive work history, having held positions in numerous companies throughout his career.

In a recent development, Sandhya Devanathan has been appointed as the head of Meta India after a period of two months. In a recent update on LinkedIn, Chopra has announced his resignation. According to his statement, he has committed to providing complete assistance during the transition period in the coming weeks. Manish Chopra, the current member of Meta India, previously served as the CEO and co-founder of an app.

In 2017, Paytm acquired the company. In addition to his other accomplishments, Chopra can also be credited as a co-founder of Zovi, an online clothing brand. For a span of 9 years, he has been employed in Microsoft.In 2019, he became a part of Meta India.

At a time when the company is undergoing retrenchment, Chopra’s resignation has been announced. The company has been implementing frequent layoffs as a cost-cutting measure. As of now, a staggering 21,000 individuals have been forced to evacuate from the region of Meta.

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