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Proof of Time Travel: Netizens are puzzled by 400-year-old painting of boy wearing ‘Nike Shoes’,

People have been left wondering after seeing what seem to be ‘Nikeshoes’ in a picture that is 400 years old.

Eagle-eyed During a trip to the London gallery that Fiona Foskett, age 57, had with her daughter Holly, age 23, Mrs. Foskett discovered evidence of “time travel.”, In the painting titled “Portrait of a Boy,” which was created in the 17th century by the Dutch master Ferdinand Bol, there is a little boy who seems to be eight years old and is shown standing in the foreground while holding a cup. The goblet may be found on a table that has a crimson cloth draped over it.

The young man may be identified by his black cape and jacket, his white shirt, and the black shoes that are on his feet.It is thought that the youngster shown in the picture is Frederick Sluysken, who is the second cousin once removed of the artist’s wife., If you look at the shoes extremely carefully, you will see that one of the shoes has a white tick on it. This tick resembles the Nike emblem very precisely., In 1964, Nike was established as a company.

Fiona told her daughter, that it seemed that the boy is wearing a pair of Nike shoes. She said, “It is likely that the boy had one of the very first pairs of Nike sneakers. Or he was really someone who could travel across time and picked up Nike shoes.”

A representative from the National Gallery was quoted as saying, “We are delighted that this picture has been such a hit with our visitors.”, In addition, they said that “it resonated with followers when we put out a Tweet asking people to see if they could spot a more’modern’ detail by taking a closer look at the shoes of the eight-year-old boy in the portrait.”


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