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From slumdog to ‘Bigg Boss 16’ winner MC Stan: Amazing journey of Altaf Tadvi

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Altaf Tadvi, MC Stan’s true name, was born in Basti, Pune. Stan’s journey from the slums to becoming a rapper and now winning the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ trophy is extremely amazing.

The same MC Stan, who was born in a Mumbai slum and grew up there, not only rose to international renown but also won ‘Bigg Boss 16’. The fan base that MC Stan has amassed via his hard work. No one could have predicted that Altaf Tadvi, a Mumbai slum dweller who spends his nights on the streets, would one day not only control the world of rap as MC Stan, but would also rewrite the history of ‘Bigg Boss’.

MC Stan lives in the Pune neighbourhood of Basti. Stan released a popular rap song called Astaghfirullah. Stan became famous as a result of this song. MC Stan’s song had 21 million views on YouTube at the time. The MC Stan, who used to sleep on rickshaws and on the streets, eventually earned luxurious automobiles.

Stan is so passionate about Hindi that he founded his own record label, ‘Hindi Records,’ and created a set of diamonds called HINDI. MC Stan said on the debut of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ that his shoes cost $80,000, while Ammi spent $70,000 to see him on the programme.

MC Stan, the Bigg Boss 16 winner, is Basti’s celebrity. Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan, first runner-up Shiv Thackeray In MC Stan’s life, there have also been several controversies.

Stan has been involved in a number of scandals as a result of the abuses and harsh terms in his raps and songs. Stan stated in an interview that he is going to ‘Bigg Boss 16’ to improve people’s perceptions of him and to control his wrath. Stan has stated that he expresses his rage via music and rap. Regardless, MC Stan’s journey from the slums to Bigg Boss and becoming a rapper has inspired millions.

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