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Hyderabad doctor behind popular tweet suggests limiting screen time for healthy eyes

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Dr. Sudhir Kumar published a case on Twitter of a 30-year-old lady who suffered visual impairment as a result of long-term smartphone use. Because of the real-life illustration, this case has gone viral.

While we’ve all been informed that staring at a screen might harm our vision, we hadn’t seen a real-life example until Dr. Sudhir Kumar posted a case on Twitter. The tweet, which describes how a 30-year-old lady suffered from eye damage as a result of long-term smartphone use, has gone viral.

Dr Sudhir Kumar, who goes by the handle @hyderabaddoctor on Twitter, shared an intriguing example. In a series of tweets, he describes and explains the disease. He discovered she had smartphone vision syndrome, or SVS, after checking her medical history. She used her smartphone for many hours each day and for more than two hours with the lights turned off.

Smartphone vision syndrome occurs as a result of prolonged use of computers, cellphones, or tablets, according to the expert. This can impair the ability of the eyes to see. This condition is often referred to as computer vision syndrome or digital vision syndrome.

According to Dr. Sudhir, the woman’s eyesight impairment was gone after one month. She had been suffering with it for the previous 18 months.

Dr Sudhir concludes the lengthy sequence of tweets, which has had 124.9K views so far, by urging people to avoid staring at digital device screens for extended periods of time, as this can create serious and crippling vision-related disorders.

Tired eyes, discomfort in the eyes that does not go away, dry eyes, burning feeling in the eyes, blurred vision, difficulty focusing when staring at anything, headache, sensitivity to light, neck pain, and so on are frequent symptoms of digital eye strain.

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