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From Trip Planner to Wonderplan: AI Tools to make your Travel Planning Easy

AI travel planning apps like Layla, Wonderplan, and PLAN by ixigo are designed to help users create detailed itineraries for their trips. Layla is an AI trip planner that allows users to decide their vacation destination, create itineraries, and find suitable hotels and flights. It can be customized with suggestions or requests for changes, such as focusing on outdoor activities or local restaurants.

Wonderplan is another AI tool that allows users to enter their destination country, city, budget, number of days, and interests. It creates a travel plan within minutes, displaying various places to visit, descriptions, and time spent at each location. It also provides a link to Google Maps for each place, details about available accommodations, transportation, food, and activities, and essential information about the country.

PLAN by ixigo is another AI travel planning app that starts by asking users about their dream destination and then provides an option to describe the type of experience they want to have. This prompt-like feature allows users to specify the duration of their stay, interests, activities, and whether they have a family. If they cannot think of any prompts, PLAN by ixigo provides a few trip ideas and shows a day-wise plan.

In summary, AI travel planning apps like Layla, Wonderplan, PLAN by ixigo, and PLAN by ixigo offer a comprehensive and user-friendly way to plan your trip.

iplan.ai is an AI-based travel planning app that offers a full itinerary for one city at a time, depending on the number of days spent there. It works best for popular tourist cities and allows users to choose their interests, free time, and budget. The app has both free and paid plans, with a paid account allowing users to share the trip plan with friends and access it offline.

Curiosio is a road trip planning app based on AI that helps users refine their journey before plotting a route based on their interests. It specializes in helping travelers plan an itinerary for road trips to major countries on all continents. The AI engine, Ingeenee, is trained on crowdsourced travel-based resources such as Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, Wikidata, Freebase, DBpedia, GeoNames, OSMNames, and OpenStreetMap.

Trip Planner AI plans a perfect trip to your dream destination by entering the city you wish to visit and traveling dates. Users can add multiple destinations, select activities they prefer, the number of people, and whether they’re traveling with friends or family. Trip Planner AI also asks about dietary preferences and budget.

An optional step is specifying the place where you’ll be staying so that it generates an itinerary accordingly. If you haven’t decided on your lodging yet, you can explore hotels suggested by Trip Planner AI.

Trip Planner AI generates a detailed itinerary, a map, and basic information about the city you’re visiting. For each destination, it provides the details of the place, expected traveling time, and cost. Users can manually add or remove activities from the itinerary, invite friends to edit it, and download it as a PDF.

Vacay Chatbot is an AI chatbot that acts like a travel advisor, providing travel recommendations, comparisons, and creating an itinerary. Users can enter a prompt specifying their destination and trip details and ask Vacay Chatbot to create an itinerary. However, it doesn’t provide a map for the trip.

These travel planning AI apps urge users not to use the itinerary as-is and only treat it as a template or guide to begin planning their trip. They currently have several limitations, such as outdated databases or require specific prompts from the user. A real human travel agent will still provide a more customized itinerary, but it will cost you a few bucks. If you want a free base guide, more basic travel planning apps are a good starting point.


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