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Fundraising platform VentureBlick looks worldwide for healthcare startups

VentureBlick, a fundraising platform, has launched a global hunt for healthcare entrepreneurs that have received the highest support from the medical community. The Healthcare Startup Search is available at www.ventureblick.com through January 4, 2023.

VentureBlick, a funding platform that connects healthcare entrepreneurs with medical investors, has begun a global search to find potential healthcare businesses for the medical community to review, advise, and support. Only companies with the support of a significant group of medical experts with appropriate subject expertise will be able to raise financing through the platform.

Many of the final clients for healthcare businesses are medical professionals – doctors, clinicians, and healthcare industry experts – who may also be investors and advisors.

The platform enables the worldwide medical community to conduct systematic, large-scale, and cross-border medical investment evaluations. The fundraising process also functions as a market validation process, providing businesses with cash, market information, and consumer validation all at the same time.

The Healthcare Startup Search is available at www.ventureblick.com through January 4, 2023. It is accessible to early-stage entrepreneurs aiming to attract up to $5 million in funding for innovative solutions in all areas of healthcare.

Shortlisted firms will be presented on VentureBlick’s funding platform when it debuts in early 2023, following screening and due diligence. Once the companies have received a particular amount of investment from medical investors, general investors – accredited investors who want to engage in healthcare but do not have a medical background – will be able to participate.

VentureBlick’s innovative methodology expands access while improving the quality and volume of investment in the healthcare business.

Chris Lee, Founder & CEO of VentureBlick, said, “After months of preparation, we are now ready to start off this worldwide search. We want to bring the most promising businesses to light and connect them with healthcare professionals interested in investing in and growing them. Our mission is to connect companies with the proper people and resources so that they can get things right the first time. This is especially vital before they embark on their lengthy path of growth.”

The first ten firms selected from this search will receive a marketing package worth $10,000, which will include assistance in optimizing their pitch deck, creating a video, and polishing their pitch narratives before they are given to investors.

This is in addition to any money they may obtain as a result of being featured on the VentureBlick platform.

Through its fundraising platform and professional network, VentureBlick promises to change healthcare fundraising. It connects early-stage healthcare entrepreneurs with medical investors who can verify ideas, support, and fund them without diluting startup ownership. Its professional community also offers startup consulting services, networking opportunities, and need-based operational services.

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