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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Is Twitter out of control over Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ ultimatum?

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Twitter may experience a global outage. Many employees have resigned and users are facing issues since Elon Musk acquired the micro-blogging site.

Twitter employees are leaving in droves after allegedly receiving an ultimatum from Elon Musk to either commit to working in a “very intense” approach at the firm or quit.

Another staff exodus appears to be taking place at Twitter, with many employees rejecting Elon Musk’s criteria for remaining with the firm and opting to quit. As the deadline for replying to Elon Musk’s ultimatum approached, some Twitter workers seemed to openly proclaim their intention to leave the firm.

Twitter employees began using the salute emoji, which has come to symbolise someone departing the company, on Thursday afternoon. In a tweet, one Twitter employee stated that working there was “one of the simplest decisions ever made. Choosing to leave now was the polar opposite.”

Following the deadline of 5 p.m. Eastern Time, an internal Slack channel at the firm was swamped with staff employees sending the salute emoji to signal they had opted not to sign Musk’s promise and would be leaving the company.

According to an email Musk sent to colleagues on Wednesday, surviving Twitter workers had until 5 p.m. ET on Thursday to determine if they wanted to be a part of the culture Musk plans to impose at the social media company or essentially leave.

A recent Twitter ex-executive dubbed the personnel departures on Thursday a “mass exodus.”

As a result of the employees’ departures, Twitter’s headquarters will be temporarily shuttered on Thursday evening, and credential access will be prohibited until Monday. During the mass layoffs earlier this month, Musk’s team shuttered off offices out of concern for employee safety and a reported fear that leaving employees might try to hurt the firm on their way out.

As he put it, “This will entail working long hours at a high level of intensity. Only outstanding achievement will result in a passing grade.”

The ultimatum comes after Musk reportedly directed senior Twitter employees to scour internal Slack conversations for disloyal colleagues to sack. Musk appears to be haunted by the fear that disloyal staff may harm the platform.

As a result, staff at Twitter are scurrying to erase Slack communications and emoji replies that may be perceived as disparaging of Musk, giving him an excuse to dismiss them.

According to a Twitter employee, employees who were dismissed likely wrote unfavorable remarks and postings in the internal Slack channel ‘Social Watercooler,’ where staff members routinely convened to speak online and spread rumors about the company.

Musk dismissed up to 20 Twitter software engineers and developers when it was discovered that they had questioned management. Twitter has dismissed nearly 3,700 individuals in the last two weeks under Musk’s leadership, and a wave of high-ranking executives have quit.

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