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Goals Before the Age of 30

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We have a lot of plans and as time passes we should try to reach closer to our goals before age of 30. But there are certain rules that can help reach our goal by 30.

Reaching the age of 30 years is a crucial time in everybody’s life. It is the age where you step into adulthood from youth and need to look at the future with appropriate resources in hand. If you don’t mend your mistakes and supply yourself with necessary opportunities for the future within 30 years, your future might get shaped up badly. 30 years is the age where people often get married and start to look at having a new family. So it is absolutely necessary to have some definite goals to reach within 30, such that your future plans go on the right track.

1. Start Saving Rs. 4000 per month

Fathers often say their sons, at the beginning of your career save the most of your income as expenses get larger later in your life when you start a family and have children. Rightly thus, one should make up a habit of saving around $4000 per month with minimizing expenses such that he/ she has ample savings in future for making up a family, buying a house, education of children, etc.

2. Wake up early every day

Proverbs has always advocated for going to sleep early and waking up early. Once you have a healthy life, you can focus and explore more in your career to help yourself rise to success. Also by waking up early, you get the most time out of the day to work alongside not hampering your rest. This can be one of the best goals before 30.

3. Side Hustle at Rs. 10,000 per month

People often take a career in fields they are not very passionate about. You should consider devoting some of your time to your passion too, alongside making some money out of it. Having a nighttime freelancing job as a hustle in a field of your passion will make you happy, more earning and help your satisfaction.

4. Read 4 books per month

Reading books is one of the things which can help you develop yourself the most. Successful businessmen to top profile government officials, all read at least 1 new book every week i.e. 4 books/ month. That is something you should aim at achieving as a habit before age of 30.

5. Exercise for 30 min every-day

Once again we focus on the motto of “health is wealth”. Devoting time towards your career and toiling towards it degrades your capacity of health. Exercising 30 min every-day can keep you fit and energetic enough to devote the energies to correct situations.

6. Start investing

By 30, you need to start securing your future. Investing is proven to be of much help as future planning and utilizing the money for something productive alongside securing the future. Once you start investing by 30, you get enough time to shape up your plans and maintain a monetarily secure life ahead. This can be one of the major goals before age of 30

7. Buy the first rental

Getting a rental is something you should definitely consider having by thirty. Having a house of yours to live at, and being not dependant on others brings you very important confidence and self-sustainability in your life.

8. Pay off Credit Cards

As we all know, unpaid debts do nobody any good. So always try to pay back your debts and credit cards at the right time to free yourself of tension and occupied thought. Having too much burden, more precisely monetary burdens pushes you more towards the edge of losing grasp over your career. It is a thing which you can’t afford at the age of thirty while planning a new future ahead and starting a family.

9. Pay off student loans

Mostly, people get student loans for continuing their education. But by thirty, you have most probably completed your education and thus should also aim towards clearing the past student loans even if it means you get little savings in the initial years of your career.

10. Become a millionaire

Not everyone becomes a millionaire. But you should have the belief in yourself that you can. Only if you aim at it and work hard according to it, you can inch closer towards your goals before age of 30. As it is often said, drops and drops of water make up the ocean.

Remember always that the most important thing is to have a belief in yourself and executing boldly according to your plans alongside not deviating from your schedules!


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