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Saravanan Nagaraj a 12-failed boy become a multimillionaire, read the interesting story of business

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Saravanan Nagaraj belongs to a middle-class family and had to quit their studies because of financial problems. He is running a consultancy business how worth millions.

Saravanan Nagaraj originally belongs to a small town of Virudhachalam in Tamil Nadu. Nowadays she is running a successful business in the United States. She is just 36 years old and making new records in earnings through her multimillion companies. You will be surprised to know the fact that she just 12 passed out and running her company Vanan online services without any complication. She started the small business and taken it to a new height with her core dedication and hard work. 

Wide range of services

Her company is providing a wide range of services, which include translation, transcription, voice-over, captioning, and subtitling. This is a wonderful company, which is offering several services under one roof. They provide quality services, which are hardly available anywhere at a place. This is a great solution for the people who are looking forward to getting a package deal for all their needs. With global talent, the company is offering remarkable services. With millions of contented customers, the size of the company is increasing every day. 

Saravanan’s life is full of difficulties. He got a good education in his early childhood and later on, he was admitted to a government school. Unfortunately, he could not clear the high school exams and fail. This leads to a drastic change in his life. He started looking for a job at the age of 18 and moved to Chennai. There he started a new company and now more than one hundred people are working in this successful company. 

Middle-class family

Saravanan belongs to a middle-class family and his father had a cycle rental shop and a travel agency. The entire family went through a difficult time when they were losing the business. Due to frequent losses in the business, they had to face many challenges in life. He started investing in the real estate business

Along with this, many other chit fund businesses were also included in the struggle time. However, they faced many losses. In the travel agency, they faced losses because the cars met with accidents and in the chit fund, company two employees cheated, and they escaped with a huge sum of money. 

Financial position

The family was going through an extremely tight financial position. Therefore, he has to take admission in the government school. He had a great interest in computer science and thus he took admission to NIIT computer coaching center. There he got so much indulge in the computer subject that he started skipping the regular school classes. 

He could not clear the math subject even after the two attempts and in the last decided to quit the study. He joined the instructor job at NIIT at the age of 18 due to his good knowledge. He could not speak good English but still, he was very much successful at a computer-teaching job due to his good computer knowledge. 

Become a programmer

After doing the job for one year, he decided to become a programmer and moved to Chennai. There he got the chance to brush up on his communication skill by joining an English-speaking course. He worked for Mobilink as a customer care executive and later joined the AirTel Company. He was able to bring down the turnaround time in giving resolutions. 

He changed many jobs but during the marketing job in Airtel, he got the chance to go to the USA and there his entire life changed. He met with Kristiana Beard and she motivated him for business. Inspiring for this, he quit his job and decided to start his own company. 

Several phases of the struggle

After going through several phases of the struggle, he succeeds and found regular work with regular clients. His friends helped in this task and provided good support on the initial level. Gradually the workload increases and he started hiring people to expand the work. 

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