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Gujarati Seva Samaj, Mumbai to provide free kits & assistance to pregnant women : Bimal Bhuta

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Gujarati Seva Samaj, Mumbai under guidance of Acharya Pawan Tripathi will provide free kits from 10th January 2022 for needy pregnant women consisting of vitamins, protein powder, anti stretch mark cream along with other essentials required during pregnancy – said Bimal Bhuta, Founder of Gujarati Seva Samaj , Mumbai & Secretary, BJP Mumbai.

The Samaj will also provide free Gynecologist consultations by Dr.Nirmal Gujarathi & Dr.Rashmi Fadnavis for needy pregnant women.

Individualized dietary plans are very important during pregnancy & shall be provided for free by Smt. Avanee Mehta Parekh, prominent Nutritionist in Mumbai.

Smt.Prachi Goradia Mehta will also provide free Garbh Sanskar training along with a demonstration of yoga exercises to be performed during pregnancy.

“In the current unprecedented Covid health crisis, it is imperative that there should be all hands on deck approach to help out & provide for the needy by all organisations,” said Bimal Bhuta.

He further said that Gujarati Seva Samaj, Mumbai has adopted a 360 degree holistic approach & helped out in all areas whenever there is a need.

The Samaj along with team members Nilesh Galia, Rupa Mehta, Hirav Patel, Bakulesh Thakkar, Dhaval Cheeda, Tusharbhai Kathrecha, Nimisha Trivedi ,Varsha Mehta & R.B.Desai have been actively working for the welfare of society in Mumbai.

Gujarati Seva Samaj

The Samaj has organised & arranged for weddings for Covid affected couples with active contribution & involvement of members of the community. All the costs of the weddings are taken care of & twenty seven
items provided to the newly wed couples to start a happy married life.

The Samaj also runs an Oxygen Concentrator Bank at Vile Parle where residents of Mumbai can obtain the Concentrators for free on prescription by a doctor for the prescribed time.

Oxygen Concentrators along with Non Invasive Ventilators (NIV) have been also donated to various hospitals including pediatric hospitals & wards to help out in the current crisis.

Spirometers are also provided on doctors prescription at no cost for covid patients for post covid rehabilitation & lung health.

Covid affected students who have lost either parents are also provided financial assistance for school & college fees.

Free Masks for maids , security guards & staff of societies are also being provided & distributed by the Samaj.

“It is our intention to serve all segments of the society, be it any medical or social requirement with active involvement of the community.
Community involvement is very essential as it provides a sense of ownership & participation to the volunteers & donors,” said Bimal Bhuta, the Secretary of BJP Mumbai who has studied Busniess Management in Australia & has been involved with various social initiatives in Mumbai for the last ten years.

Bimal Bhuta is also the Convenor of Foreign Affairs Cell of BJP Mumbai & has compiled a coffee table book titled “Abodes of the Gods – Compilation of Hindu Temples across the World “.The above is non-fiction and pictorial depiction consisting of photographs and illustrations, accompanied by text highliting the rich ancient Hindu culture across the world.

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