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Hartek brought up the idea of plug and solar kits, the results were beyond his expectations in renewable energy.

Hartek has done remarkable work for renewable energy that works fast and accurately. The idea of plug and play solar kits changed his life.

Hartek solar private limited is a company based in Chandigarh. The company is working toward an effective solution for the plug and play residential rooftop solar kits. They are making people aware of the use of renewable energy. They want to bring revolution in the energy sector and working every for a sustainable solution for it.

Renewable energy inspiration

The best part is that cost of maintenance is minimal and customers can have full control. Remote sensing technology is used in them which provides them outstanding results. They have also developed in house app to maintain everything through it. The best part is that company is working in the same direction and they said to have more than fifteen hundred megawatts of solar project connection.

Staring company renewable energy services

The company started back in 2015 and Mr. Simarpreet Singh is the founder of the company. The company started its business operations in FY 2017-18. He took the knowledge from his father who is a first-generation entrepreneur. He started working in the power sector back in 1991. He said that he was greatly inspired by President APJ Abdul Kalam. He was moved by his speech in 2011. In those days Mr. Simarpreet was studying in the private engineering college of Punjab. He was greatly moved by the speech of Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He put special emphasis on the use of renewable energy.

Coming with ideas

He was moved by the idea that everyone should produce his own electricity and clean water supply. We should not rely on the other companies for this. It will make us free from the inflation created by some corporates. We should be self-dependent in this matter. Taking this inspiration speed in mind he started working in the same direction. In the starting, he first approached the house owners in Chandigarh. He made them aware of renewable energy.

Giving a concept of solar energy

Hartek solar is working in a concept and they work according to the requirement of the electricity of every individual. This means that you can get a customized solution for your place and there is no rigid plan or product that you have to buy regardless of your budget or electricity needs. They create flexible products and solar system as per the demand of the actual customers. This saves their money and gives them a perfect solution. Renewable energy is the call of the hour.

Customer experience and kit

The customized kit contains everything like the conventional solar system. The process is also the same. It has solar panels and an inverter as well to convert the DC current to AC. One can easily operate the home appliance, wires, earthing cables, and other basic components that are required. Renewable energy is the solution to save resources.

Hertek solar is not just about any particular product; it is about supply chain management, construction, and engineering. They usually give preference to Indian products but some products that are not available here are imported from the cheap labor countries like China. However, they always give preference to making everything with the Indian product and in the long run; they are willing to keep their focus to create everything in India. Renewable energy is the future.

Unique and quick solar solution

The promptness in the service is their uniqueness. Whereas a company usually takes a month to do the survey, they can do it in a day. Right from the inquiry calls, they start working in the same segment and make sure that customers can get everything. Through renewable energy, they are making a big difference.

Many customers have told them that their electricity bill has reduced in many folds. Some of the houses are completely running on solar power electricity. It is like a perfect power plant on the rooftop of their house and this is helping them a lot to keep the cost low of electricity. This is a perfect model of renewable energy. 


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