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A software engineer, Murli left his well paid job for homemade food business

Murli quite is full time software engineering job to run a homemade food business. His company is making millions every year.

To start with, our eating habits and food put a direct impact on the mind and body. Murli from Bangalore has identified this is a great opportunity and started working in the same direction. He started homemade food business. He was working in the corporate sector on a reputable post. However, he left the job just to deliver the high quality and sumptuous homemade food made by his grandmother. He started the venture with the name FOOD BOX.

Starting – Homemade food business

Secondly, one can order homemade food with the help of this venture. Now the company is earning more than one and a half core Indian rupees every year with this business. This story will reveal the difficulties of his life and the method he adopted to start a great venture.

Professional background

Thirdly, Murli has been working as a software engineer in the silicon valley of India. In the year 2015, he decided to something new and decided to leave working as a software engineer. He always has a passion to start his business and considering this he moved towards the food industry of India.

In addition, in 2014, he completed his education, did the graduate, and joined the normal job. He was working with the JSW group when he thought about working in the food industry and setting up his own homemade food business. Further, he told everything to this boss about the future planning of opening his venture in the food industry. His boss was quite cooperative towards him and decided to give him a paid level for the three months.

Progress of homemade food business

Moreover, within a week he worked on his idea and started selling the food box every day. He gives great credit to his maternal aunt and grandmother for working with him on his idea of homemade food business. Furthermore, in October of 2015 he thought about opening up his venture and his grandmother Mrs. Indiramma and Aunt Mrs. Usha gave him full support and they were ready to join him.

In addition, he started with a very basic menu in the food and made a list of potential buyers. He started the working operations from a garage. They started cooking with the stoves at home which were not used other than special occasions like going on a picnic. The food was being prepared with the help of grandmother and aunt. The work of distribution was done with the help of his friends, Manju, Vinay, and cousin Sakana. They established well this homemade food business.

Next, they all went door to door and request people to tell others about their business. This mouth publicity worked great for them. In the starting, they were able to sell only fifteen to twenty boxes. Now they have a business which is selling nearly two thousand boxes every day.

Getting orders for homemade food

Furthermore, he said gradually they started getting the order from the reputable institutes and cofounders of Infosys Mr. Narayan Murti also ordered their food. On some occasions now, they keep getting orders. Moreover, he said that generally, you have to spend nearly four to five hundred rupees to order the food but their homemade food can be ordered just in eighty rupees.

Extension of business

Moreover, they have extended their menu and generally, Wednesday and Friday are fixed for the traditional food. On rest, days of the week they prefer to deliver the south Indian and Chinese food items that are included in the menu. Further, in the starting days, they have invested a bit to buy some essential items, and now the rest of the things are done without adding any cost. For the first six months, they did not earn anything and running the homemade food business on no profit no loss basis. Now they are earning more than one and a half crores rupees every year.

Hiring professional for growth

To sum up, they never compromise with the quality and make sure that everything is prepared in the safest possible manner as we get food at home. His grandmother died but he saved her legacy in the form of recipes that are written for his homemade food business. Now they have also hired a professional cook and chef to handle the bulk work in the homemade food business.

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