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Health Alert: These Foods May Cause Digestive Issues after Mixing with Dahi

Although a hot, butter-filled paratha and thandi dahi may sound like the perfect combination, it can actually be quite the opposite. You might be shocked to learn that eating certain dishes with dahi (curd) might really be unhealthy for you. Dahi is a common ingredient in Indian cooking and is rich in vitamin C, probiotics, antioxidants, and other minerals that are good for the stomach and general health.

However, because dahi is acidic, it can cause issues when coupled with specific foods like paratha, mango, onion, and more. This meal combo can harm our digestive system and cause difficulties including bloating, acidity, and bowel-related troubles.

Food combinations that don’t work together are referred to as “virudh anna” in Ayurveda. The opposing properties of these foods—one may be hot and the other chilly, or both components may have the same attributes—are regarded to make them incompatible. Together, these meals may further promote certain doshas in the body, creating imbalance. We’ve compiled a list of several typical foods that you shouldn’t eat with dahi on a regular basis.

Gud and Dahi:

Gud is thought seen as a healthy substitute for sugar. As a result, many individuals add gud (instead of sugar) to their regular meal to make it more nutrient-dense. Dahi and gud together, however, may result in weight increase rather than decrease. Dahi is frigid in nature, whereas gud is hot. According to specialists, these elements might cause issues including cough, cold, and fever.

Milk and Dahi:

We have been combining milk and dahi to produce a variety of dishes, including smoothies, for the longest time. However, a health expert advises against mixing dahi and milk. Dahi is an example of a fermented product that should never be ingested with milk as it can clog bodily channels and cause infections, stomach issues, and other health issues.

Chai and Dahi:

A typical example of a dangerous hot and cold meal pairing is chai and dahi. Tea is warm. Therefore, pairing cold dahi or dahi-based foods, such as curd sandwiches and dahi kebab, can upset your body’s metabolic balance.

Mango and dahi:

Stop immediately if you are making a shake with dahi in it! It’s not a healthy meal pairing to have. Dahi includes animal protein, which experts say may cause the body to ferment when paired with fruits. This could make indigestion, acidity, and other similar issues in the body worse.

Onion and Dahi:

Many people garnish their raita with finely sliced onions. Although we agree that onions add extra crunch to your dish, but they may also be detrimental to general health. Because raita is cold and onions are hot, eating them together could harm your skin’s health and cause rashes, irritation, and other problems like acne.

Fish and Dahi:

Fish and dahi both have high protein content. Additionally, it is never advised to serve a meal that contains two protein-rich food ingredients. Why, you ask? It’s because consuming too much protein all at once might be difficult.

Dahi and Paratha:

We recognise that most of you will find this disappointing. But rest assured that we are telling you this for good reason! When eaten with dahi, the oily content of paratha and other fried meals slows down digestion and adds to your feeling of sluggishness.

We advise you to make informed judgements before creating your next diet chart now that you are aware of these food pairings and their detrimental impact on health. Stay healthy by eating sensibly!


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