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How an ordinary person without enough education got success in the Ice-cream parlor business

Our hero of the story, Mr. R.G. Chandramogan was born in the poverty but it did not stop him from gaining success in the business sector. He was born in a village of Tamil Nadu and in the early phase of life, he was struggling hard to survive. Education was beyond their reach and he had to drop out schooling for the sake of family survival.

The major focus was to find the good earning source of the family and quitting the school did not matter a lot for him because he was indeed not attending the school regularly. Nevertheless, there was no chance of skipping any earning opportunity for the family for him. They never thought about starting a successful huge company that will be running an ice cream parlor business.

They did not have assets and other resources and tried hard to earn something for the family. Nevertheless, despite working hard they did not reach anywhere and had to sell an immovable property, which was the only asset they have. With this money, they started a very small business unit so that they can earn something with it. 

You will hardly believe that Chandramogan worked hard to establish a Diary business and started this particular business only with the minimum amount of 13000 Indian rupees. 

Now, he is the owner of a huge dairy and agro Company Hatsun Agro product limited and its approximate valuation is 8000 Cr. in Indian rupees. It is considered as the top ice cream parlor business. They started this company by selling everything they had and now you can give their example of success.

Facing early challenges

The early challenges they face is the lack of enough knowledge and resources. They did not have enough experience to run the business on the large scale. He also had to do the business of selling Ice-candy in the area of 250 sq ft. to run the business successfully. This is a highly unorganized business in Tamil Nadu where more than forty thousand units were already in the competition of survival in the market. But he was ready to make the changes and make a ice cream parlor business.

Adopting a new business model

Chandramogan and his three helpers joined this industry. They struggled hard to improve their income for a decade regularly. However, they always have a willingness to grow and improve in the market. 

After a decade, they succeeded to grow their business and in 1971, their revenue income was 150000. Nevertheless, in the year 1990 the cross the figures of three crore INR. They adopted the chain business and opened the Ice cream parlors in the entire Tamil Nadu. Other ordinary people in the ice cream parlor business never thought about this.

Defeating Competitors

Opening business in a proper manner was something, which other competitors could not do. Yes, to manage the turnover, and increasing activities of the company, Chandramogan incorporated a company Hatsun Agro Product. Others never thought about doing and this is what makes our hero different from others. His company took the growth and others remained in the same state running the conventional ice cream parlor business.

Starting branded products

To establish themselves in the market they started branded products like ice cream and milk. Now they have Arun Ice-cream and Gomatha milk branded dairy product items, which are famous in the entire Tamil Nadu Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa as well. They have also established brands in Kancheepuram, Salem, and Madurai and covering a huge market area in India. They are well known for their products in the ice cream parlor business. 

At present, the company is running a business with more than eight thousand-odd employees. At the international level, they are running a business in Seychelles, Fiji, and Brunei as well. The right will and efforts can change everything and this they had done in the ice cream parlor business.


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