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“HOPE 2023: Lighting Up Lives and Uniting Hearts”

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Wilson college is back with its most beloved ISR Fest, HOPE 2023! A legacy that spans an impressive 13 years. This year, we stand poised to enlighten the lives of 40-50 families in Vehalonde district of Maharashtra by providing them necessary access to clean water. Imagine a solar-powered water tank, drawing its life source from the earth, could be a true lifeline for the entire village. Since its inception in 2008, spearheaded by the BMS department, this ISR initiative has now found a profound place in Wilson College with students from all courses finding HOPE as a medium to bring change in the society. In 2008, we came with a common goal and compassion in our hearts. Our efforts initially focused on providing basic necessities like food, clothing, and school supplies to underprivileged children, many of whom struggled to meet even their most basic needs.

By 2012, HOPE had already established itself as a formidable force in the field of social activism. That year, HOPE decided to take things up a notch and create a massive flash mob to raise awareness about the issue of female infanticide and the value of the girl child.

Over the years, HOPE has undertaken various initiatives such as cleanliness drives, awareness campaigns about child abuse, and raising funds for natural disasters such as the Kerala floods and the earthquake in Nepal. The organisation has consistently grown in strength and numbers, thanks to the tireless efforts of its members and volunteers.

The HOPE event of 2019 focused on the environment and increasing the green cover of Maharashtra. The event was a huge success, with 3000 seedlings being planted in various locations across the state.

Throughout the years, HOPE has cultivated from an initiative to a college event that brings together people who want to give back to society. HOPE INITIATIVE to date holds the record in Asia book of records, Limca book of records and India book of records.

The theme for HOPE 2022 was illuminating lives.

Owing to the theme of HOPE ‘22 to make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most, HOPE CSR activity for the year was to visit Walshet and help the people residing there by installing 26 solar lamps for 26 families and 5 street lamps for the people of Walshet. A majestic mosaic was created to symbolise the illuminated lives in the shape of a light bulb.

Now for HOPE 2023, the organising committee is in full force and has been working their hearts out for the past few months with complete dedication and consistency. HOPE is not just an event but it’s truly an emotion, for the OC Committee.

The pre events sure have been a massive hit until now. The Sunday Street topped it all, the busy BEES of hope hosted fun-filled games to give the audience a complete experience of the cause of HOPE. Streets were filled with people of all ages grooving, cheering and spreading their infectious smiles! Bottles fell, water was spilled but everyone’s hearts were so full of joy.

The Organising Committee Meet was another successful event where everyone presented themselves beautifully in their tropical Attires. Faces brimming with joy and energy, the OC sure did have the best time ever.

Fast forwarding it to a month ahead, came another banger which was the CL MEET, a place where unity was truly seen like never before. Contingent leaders from different colleges joined hands and embarked into this noble journey of HOPE.

A visit to the village where everything began and where everything will end proved to be an opening and magnificent experience for everyone. The village visit was filled with pure joy and hearts were touched.

One of the most significant elements of HOPE, is the human Mosaic. Over the years, students from various colleges and schools across Mumbai have come together to be a part of this splendid event. From zombie walks to flash mobs and colossal handshake chains, the Mosaic has always been the centre of attraction of HOPE’s initiative.

Last year, we revived HOPE after the pandemic and managed to bring a footfall of 2500 + students. This year, HOPE is yet again back with the iconic Mosaic which is set to happen at Girgaon Chowpatty to witness a remarkable transformation as thousands come back together to become one complete happy family and we are levelling it up this year, aiming to bring 3500+ students. The mosaic will be taking place on the 11th of September 2023.

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