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How a Mumbai lady is saving thousands Per month with Solar energy.

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Dr. Reema from Mumbai has shifted to solar energy from conventional energy. Now she is saving a lot and living in an eco-friendly house.

The passing of everyday people is becoming conscious about Mother planet. But they hardly do anything in this direction because of misconception. Yes, some people think that being eco-friendly can be costly and time-consuming. Staying on solar energy is not so costly. Some people are making wonderful efforts in this direction like Dr. Reema Lewis, a physiotherapist and pilates trainer. She made an effort and turned her Duplex home in Vashi into a beautiful green living space, which is a setting and inspiration for everyone.

Origin of the idea of solar Energy – love for green

Dr. Monica is born and raised in Bengaluru. She is always in deep love with nature and its greenery. She loves to spend her spare time planting some trees and flowers. After her wedding, she settles down in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. There she is helping residents of Mumbai healing their bodies through their services of physiotherapy. However, she is also putting an effort to help our green planet to heal by planting more trees and flowers in her surroundings

Coming to Mumbai

Doctor Reema told that she and her husband were settled down in Mumbai and they were expecting their baby in 2010. They decided to turn and depend on the solar system. They also thought that an eco-friendly house is the best gift that they can give to their newborn baby. So that to be initiative and decided to start with the installation of the solar water system. Now they use this particular water for bathing washing, veggies, cooking, and drinking as well. She has a wonderful thought and thinks that Mother Earth can fulfill all our needs but not our greed.

Installing solar PV panels

A few years ago she also installed Solar PV panels in her house. Now the entire house is powered by the Solar Energy System. They have reduced their monthly electricity bill with the help of it. Earlier they used to pay nearly 10000 per month as an electricity bill, during the summer season, it was also higher than it. Now they have a 5-kilowatt solar power system to take care of their electricity needs.

Solar professional company

With the help of Magenta power company, they have installed the entire system. She said that with the help of this wonderful company now they can reduce their monthly bill to 1000 per month on average. Sometimes they have to pay only the fixed monthly charges which are fixed. All their household appliances are running on solar energy. They have invested nearly 2.5 lacs to install the solar power system. But she said that this is just like making an investment and paying the bill in advance for two years through conventional energy.

Giving up petrol vehicle

They are using an electric car. After buying the solar car, they gave up petrol vehicles. She was paying nearly 9,000 per month for the petrol that was used in her Calf. Now her monthly charges are below 500. In her parking system, she has also installed an EV charging unit. That is also connected with the Solar PV panels, which are installed on the rooftop. She is using Mahindra E20 which is perfect for Traveling in the City. After charging the electric vehicle for one time, she can run it 100 kilometers. Within 6 hours she can charge the EV full. And the entire family can go together on a picnic in this particular vehicle. Now Solar energy is helping in happy journey.

It also is using natural composting and vermiculture. She is doing this to use waste in the right manner. She is growing different types of plants, fruits, and wedges on her rooftop kitchen garden. They prefer to use fruits and vegetables and as there is enough Kitchen waste generated in their house. He came up with an idea and used it in her kitchen garden.

 Now she is setting an example for others and making every NOOK and corner of a house eco-friendly. They are generating zero waste through changes in the domestic system. Solar energy has changed their entire life and made it better.

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