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The six-year-old boy bought apple in-app purchases worth $16000 (11 lakh INR); now the company refused the refund application

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The six-year-old son of Jessica used her iPad and make an apple in-app purchase from the apple store worth $16000 (11 lakh INR). Now the apple company has refused to refund the money.

To start with, Jessica Johnson has an Apple iPad, and her six-year-old use it. However, she never expected something wrong with it. Unfortunately, one day she discovered a shocking fact that $16000 nearly 11 lakh Indian rupees are paid to apple from her bank account. Now most of us might be thinking that it is a case of debit or credit card fraud but the reality is different.

Her six-year-old son George Johnson was busy with her iPad and he made in-app purchases on the Apple App Store. The moral of the stories is that you should always supervise the use of iPad and when giving the gadget to the kids, make sure that financial applications are locked with a safety code.

Apple app store purchase

A New York Post reported the fact that a 41-year old woman named Jessica went into deep shocking condition when she came to know the ground reality about the online shopping of her son. He spent nearly $16000 on the Apple App Store. Often kids use the gadgets of their parents to play online games. Moreover, there are many in-app purchases where they can buy the things or benefits to moving forward within the game. Her son started online shopping for these online gaming apps at the apple store and bought many add-ons to win rewards in the game.

In addition, this entire incident happens on 8 July when her account was debited 25 times with nearly $2500, which is nearly 1.8 lakh amount in Indian rupees. Johnson thought that someone hacked her account and she put a fraud claim. However, later on, she was informed by the authorities that the transactions were done from her account and device. She was not the victim of fraud because the entire transaction was done from her device and account.

Asking for refunds

After this, she returned to Apple Company and asked for a refund of the money. However, the company informed them that she is not eligible to get the refund of the money. Her claim for the refund was denied on the ground that it was not claimed less than sixty days as per the refund policy of the company. However, she said that she did not understand why the amount was deducted from her account and thought that it was a case of fraud. She was under the impression that PayPal and Apple.com names are usually used by the frauds to steal the money. 

Filling the plea

Next, Jessica informed Apple Company that she will be able to pay the mortgage of her family after this and requested to refund the amount. However, even after everything was made clear to the company they refused to refund the amount. However, Apple Company also asked Jessica why she did not install the parental control on the device. However, she said that she was not aware of this particular feature. 

Now she is putting the entire blame on the gaming company and making them responsible for their predatory strategies to loot the money of the gamer. Furthermore, she said that she was not aware of these things and due to that, her son was purchasing virtual gold rings for $20000 in their gaming app. 

About parental control

Apple Company provides parental control on the devices so that parents can put a strong control on the devices and monitor what their kids are doing online. Additionally, some of these parental control features also limit access to some particular application and limit the buying power of the users. 

In the last, Jessica should have installed these features and put a monitor on the use of her device. Therefore, every parent should behave responsibly and control the use of smart devices for their kids. Furthermore, by doing this they can also protect their kids from online humiliation and save their money from going into the wrong hands. 


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