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How to boost your sales with Google My Business

A profile on Google My Business can help consumers find your company when they are seeking for similar items and services in their region. This article will help you to set up and use it to boost your sales

Small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) have historically drawn clients through word-of-mouth marketing, ads, and the placement of display stands and posters in strategic locations. Consumers are increasingly depending on internet searches to identify companies or retailers near them as they migrate online. In fact, people are on the verge of completing a purchase when they search for a certain product or service near them.

This online transition has taught SMBs, kiranas, and merchants the value of being discoverable online and offering digital services to their customers, particularly on Google, the most prominent search engine.

SMBs may utilize Google My Business (GMB), a free tool that allows firms to develop a digital presence, to become discoverable on Google Search and Maps. It is a web service and app that enables company owners to build a business profile and advertise it on Google Search and Maps.

According to Google, over 26 million Indian SMBs have already created an online presence using GMB.

Here’s all you need to know about Google My Business and how SMBs can utilize it to increase their web presence and sales:

What the service provides

GMB is a platform that allows SMBs to appear in search results when potential consumers search for similar companies or items on Google Search and Maps. Customers may also use the app to get up-to-date information on SMBs. SMBs may engage with clients better and help them find and purchase from the business by getting a GMB account.

Entrepreneurs may also use the app to maintain their company profiles on the GMB app or by registering in at google.com/business.

A significant advantage is that the company information on GMB may be utilized to create a free and automated website, which auto-updates as businesses alter their GMB profile. Currently, all GMB services are free, with no premium or paid features.

How to Create a GMB Account

Sign in to Google My Business (GMB) at google.com/business using an existing Google account or establish a new one for the SMB. Enter the business name, and if it doesn’t appear in the drop-down option, click “Add Your Business to Google.”

Choose the appropriate business category.

Enter your current location and address. If SMBs do not have a physical site that clients may visit, they can indicate their service area.

Include contact information for your company, such as a phone number and a website. Entrepreneurs can also include social media sites from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Click the “Finish” button. Then, depending on the business’s eligibility, a verification number will be provided through phone, email, or postcard.

If the company is already listed on Google, entrepreneurs may claim it by searching for it and then choosing “Manage this Listing” and then “Own this Business?”

The Benefits of Using GMB

A GMB listing is a wonderful beginning for SMBs to start digitally acquiring clients and increasing revenue. Entrepreneurs may upload photographs of items and change the company contact number, location, website, working hours, and more after creating a business profile on GMB and creating a digital presence.

Such firms can also provide discounts and specials through GMB to attract new clients. The service includes a dedicated section for business owners to showcase their most current discounts and promotions. Customers may also communicate with SMBs through the application by phoning, texting, or posting reviews.

Google My Business is mobile-friendly, with apps for both Android and iOS. Because company owners are accustomed to doing transactions and communicating via their cellphones, GMB’s mobile-friendliness is advantageous.


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