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How to use your WhatsApp on 4 phones simultaneously

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Because you may now use the same account on up to four phones simultaneously, you do not need to worry about having one WhatsApp account and many phones.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that users can log into the same WhatsApp account on up to four phones.

Multi-device, a long-standing feature, only allows users to use WhatsApp from browsers, laptops, or Android tablets in addition to their primary phone. However, users may now use it to sign in to up to four more phones as well.

This function, which WhatsApp refers to as “One WhatsApp account, now across multiple phones,” is now rolling out to users globally and will be accessible to everyone in the upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp views this as a useful feature for small businesses, allowing several employees to send and receive messages from the same company number on different phones, even though it will be handy for individuals who use different mobile phones and would like the same WhatsApp account on all of them.

With this upgrade, the messages will be synchronised across all phones for up to a year. Because each phone connects separately, you can still view your messages even if your primary phone is off.

On every phone, all of your calls, media, and conversations will be end-to-end encrypted. Our WhatsApp will log you out of all of your companion phones automatically if your primary smartphone is dormant for a prolonged period of time.

How to install your WhatsApp on 4 phones

During setup, you have the option to touch on a new “link to existing account” function rather than inputting your phone number and logging in as normal. After that, a QR code will appear that can be read by your primary phone via the settings’ “link a device” option, and you will then be signed in to the second mobile phone.

Both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp will have access to this functionality.

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