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Man Buys 20-Foot Bed Worth Rs 81 Lakh To Sleep With His 6 Wives Together

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While purchasing a bed, there are many things which need to be taken into consideration such as size of the bed as per the space available, whether it should have box or not and few other things but you will be shocked to know that a Brazilian man spent £80,000 (Rs 81.54 lakh) for a 20-foot x 7 foot bed.

The name of this person is Arthur O Urso and he has spent such a huge amount on a bed because he wants to sleep comfortably with his six wives together. Arthur is from Sao Paulo and in an interview, he stated that the idea of making such a big bed came to him because of space. There had been instances when he had to sleep on double bed, sofa or floor in order to make space for his wives. He adds that throughout his relationships, he has been indulging in activities which make lives easy for him and his wives.

While sharing the photo of his bed on Instagram, Arthur wrote, “Many times I had to share the sofa, the double bed I had and even sleep on the floor to make room for my wives. After a few months of experiences in the relationship, I tried to bring to reality what for many would be impossible. Create the biggest bed in the world! Today my idea came true. Now, in addition to providing comfort to the women who are part of my life, I will also go down in history. And that’s why I came into the world! Guinness Book?”

A team of 12 people made this big bed in 15 months. Arthur and his wife Luana chose to live in open relationship from 2021, though the wedding took place in a Catholic Church, they are not legal as per law because polygamy is not allowed in his country. Till last year, he was married to nine but he divorced 4 before marrying 51 yrs old Olinda Maria and his five other wives are Luana Kazaki (27), Emelly Souza ( 21), Valquíria Santos(24), Damiana (23) and Amanda Albuquerque (28).

Earlier he also expressed his desire to have babies with all his wives so that no one gets upset. That’s a really big bed, isn’t it?

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