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How Zunroof evolved into a leading start-up brand for solar panels

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Zunroof is a renewable power startup that was founded in 2016 by Pranesh Chaudhary and Sushant Sachan. The company uses house roofs to customize power consumption.

Zunroof was formed in 2016 by two young people who intended to make a difference in the power consumption industry. As a result, Pranesh Chaudhary and his close friend Sushant Sachan founded the nowfamous firm Zunroof to offer solar energy by placing it on roofs.

ZunRoof is currently one of India’s leading residential rooftop solar providers.

So, where should we put the solar panel?

The Gurgaon-based firm operates in three areas:

ZunRoof- Residential roofs that serve urban regions

ZunSolar, Inc. -Agricultural solar products

ZunPulse (ZunPulse) – solutions for smart homes

The business is developing new technologies and infrastructure, such as IoT, for the lucrative rooftop solar installations industry in India.

What are the Founders’ names?

Sushant Sachan’s

Kartik Marwah’s

Pranesh Chaudhary’s

ZunRoof raised $3 million from the Godrej Company in 2020 as a capital for their company’s infrastructure expansion.

Zunroof has received financing from 9 corporations and organisations to date.

Zunroof has also received $4.7 million in total investment to far.

In all, the business has installed over 15 MW of residential rooftop solar and over 50,000 IoT devices.

Zunroof’s monthly membership package. ZunRoof has also introduced a monthly payment plan for the installation of new residential rooftops in Delhi and the surrounding area, starting at Rs 660 a month.

Any Delhi property owner with roof rights is eligible to register for this monthly membership plan.

Zunroof will impose a cost of Rs 10,000 per kilowatt hour (kW).

While the monthly payments will be made over a seven-year period.

What is the main goal of such a low-cost monthly plan?

The major goal is to allow households to save money on electricity and resources from the start and pay for the solar rooftop instalment with monthly savings.

As we all know, solar energy is the most affordable kind of energy. So, if we can truly replace it, it is a lot better and more convenient method of energy.

Furthermore, there are several employment vacancies in the organisation right now, and we might be one of the people working for the best in terms of energy usage.

Zunroof also pledges to open more offices in India, where it already has locations in Delhi NCR, Karnataka, and Telangana.

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