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Hyderabadi woman battling eczema creates skin-friendly soap for daughter; sells to US

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Sheetal Kabra founded Earthy Sapo, a personal care brand that offers a variety of self-care products that she claims are safe and eco-friendly, and are specifically designed for people with sensitive skin.

After noticing that her baby’s skin was peeling, Sheetal Kabra began weaning her daughter off skin products such as powders and baby soaps. Her research and experimentation led her to discover that the culprit was baby soap, which inspired her to launch Earthy Sapo, a natural personal care brand in 2013.

As a former banking professional, Sheetal’s research showed her that natural soaps made with ingredients found in the kitchen were simple to make and gentle on the skin. Sheetal believes that the foundational chemistry of soap making is simple, but natural soaps have fewer additives and fillers, making them safer for sensitive skin. The ingredients can be found on a grocery list, and after a chemical reaction, the bars of soap are left to cure.

Initially producing the batches of soap in her home, Sheetal moved to a workshop in Hyderabad where eight women work to meet production needs. Earthy Sapo’s range of products includes shampoos made of shikakai, multani, reetha (soapnut), and more, as well as creams and soaps made out of coconut oil, almond oil, neem, and other-related natural ingredients. The brand offers a variety of self-care products designed for those with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema.

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